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Why Location Targeted Banners? Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, MarketingLeave a comment

Digital Marketing has become an extremely important aspect in today’s world, especially in the traveling industry. With an effective marketing approach, hotels are able to reach and expand prospective customers to build a loyal customer network. This not only increases the chances of direct bookings but also the possibilities of repeating customers. This is why digital marketing is so important when building your customer network. However, there are different types of digital marketing depending on the purpose of your business, one of which is location targeted banners. ... Read More

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What Makes A Good Hotel Website Banner? Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, MarketingLeave a comment

Website banners are extremely important if you want to drive traffic or create conversions to your web page or your website. Having an attractive and interesting hotel banner can increase the chances of faster conversions and can potentially help increase direct bookings and revenue. In this article, we will explain how you can make a good hotel website banner so that you can generate maximum profit for your hotel. ... Read More

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Digital Bootcamp #1 by Thai Hotel Association, Southern Chapter Posted on | Posted in Company NewsLeave a comment

“Maximize Direct Booking Performance” is the theme hosted by THA for the seminar. Web Connection is delighted to announce that we are organizing the seminar with our leading hotel tech company partners, SiteMinder, Sojern and PayPal. The objective of the event is to help hotels understand more about the possibility of creating sustainable growth. For… Read More

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How to Build a Quality Hotel Website Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & AdviceLeave a comment

Without doubt, websites have become an essential part when it comes to building your own brand identity on the internet. Because of covid-19, more and more people have shifted to the online world as a way to surf for answers and information they are looking for. One of the increasing internet searches in today’s world are Hotel Websites. Building a quality Hotel Website is extremely important, as it not only increases the direct sales of a hotel, but it can also reduce the commission cost of OTAs and can build a two-way relationship with hotel customers. This is why having an up to standard Hotel Website is extremely crucial for Hoteliers. We’re here to help you guide through how to build one today. ... Read More

Online Payment System by Web Connection
Are you looking for a faster and easier way for your guests to make payments? Posted on | Posted in TechnologyLeave a comment

Do you need a payment solution that will save you time and give your guests more choice and convenience? Web Connection’s Online Payment System does just that. With our online payment system, you can eliminate unsecured, manual payments and give your guests more confidence when they book. ... Read More

Hotel Channel Manager Matters for Online Bookings Posted on | Posted in Blog, Marketing, TechnologyLeave a comment

Hotel channel manager is an invaluable software in your marketing arsenal. It is a “control room” for all the online channels you use for customer interaction and it allows you to manage room allotment, selling price and reporting as well as all the various booking channels your hotel is connected to.... Read More

Target customers using IP address
Increase Hotel Direct Booking with Location Targeting Posted on | Posted in Hotel Trends & Advice, Marketing, TechnologyLeave a comment

Hotel booking systems run by OTA”s are managed by different sellers who are trying to sell their rooms online. The only problem is that your hotel is one among thousands of accommodations putting rooms up and these other accommodations can lower their prices to grab more customers.... Read More

social login features for booking engine
Gathering Data Using Social Media Logins For Hotel Booking Engine Posted on | Posted in Hotel Trends & Advice, Marketing, Technology

Social media logins are an easy and effective way to create a user account nowadays. This feature enables hoteliers to collect user data while they are on hotel website, of course with user permission.

Hotel booking engine
Why Do Hotel Booking Engines Matter? Posted on | Posted in TechnologyLeave a comment

Using a hotel booking engine on your website can greatly increase your revenue pool. But how important is it to use the right type of one that will enhance and drive online bookings through your website? Read our blog to find out more!... Read More

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How to Drive Profit By Maximizing Direct Bookings Posted on | Posted in Hotel Trends & AdviceLeave a comment

In the modern world’s extremely competitive hotel market, every dollar counts. Hotel owners seek any semblance of competitive edge, translating to more substantial efforts, while they remain subject to the highest evaluation standards. In the current landscape, costs have become directly proportional to new guest acquisition, primarily through third-party platforms. ... Read More