How to Build a Quality Hotel Website

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How to Build a Quality Hotel Website

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Without doubt, websites have become an essential part when it comes to building your own brand identity on the internet. Because of covid-19, more and more people have shifted to the online world as a way to surf for answers and information they are looking for. One of the increasing internet searches in today’s world are Hotel Websites. Building a quality Hotel Website is extremely important, as it not only increases the direct sales of a hotel, but it can also reduce the commission cost of OTAs and can build a two-way relationship with hotel customers. This is why having an up to standard Hotel Website is extremely crucial for Hoteliers. We’re here to help you guide through how to build one today. 

What is a Website?

Before we begin with how to build your own website, we need to know what a Website is. As you may have already heard, a Website is a collection of Web Pages. A Web Page is a hypertext document that is displayed on a Web Browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc. A website can be set up through various ways, but we have selected the best way to do this for you, specifically delving into the realms of Hotel Websites. 

How to set up your Website?

There are several steps you need to take before you can set up your website. A good hotel website should be easy and simple, and should provide your customers with a good user experience, sometimes, with interactive links to other forms of media like your email, facebook, etc. Because there are currently so many ways that you can set up your website, we’ve collected everything you need to know and listed the ways that are the most effective for you to get started with your website.

1 – Creating your Domain Name

A Domain Name is a text that specifies a numeric IP Address so that clients can access your website on the internet. For example, the Domain Name can be written on the Web Browser tab like this: “” This will then redirect your customers to your website. Domain names are extremely important when creating your Hotel Website. It provides an online presence for your online identity, gives credibility to your hotel business and tells your customers that your Hotel Website is accessible online. 

2 – Set up your Business Email 

Setting up an Email Address for your Hotel is also a crucial step to building your Hotel Website. Individualized email addresses give the impression of professionalism to clients and can be used as a direct way of communicating between hotels and customers. Hotels can use this as a marketing tool, by sending promotional campaign ads to clients. Promotional campaign ads not only include rooms and special offers but it also includes extra services like spa, dining, and transportation. This expands the spectrums of your hotel revenue and your revenue to only just rooms.

3 – Get a Web Hosting Service

To begin with you may be wondering, what is a Web Hosting Service? A Web Hosting service is an online service that allows you to publish your website on the internet. They are responsible for maintaining and regulating storage spaces; and for giving technical support. Web Hosting services have their own physical hardware computers that store datas of your website like texts, videos and images. These hardware computers are called “Servers” or “Web Servers”, and are usually very expensive and require a lot of technical expertise to maintain. This is why there is a Web Hosting service. You can think of a Web Hosting service as a storage house for your website and also a caretaker. It’s an all in one service really and is essential for a website to reach an audience on the internet. Many Web Design agencies have this attached as an offer when you’re using their service for designing your website. 

4 – Plan out your Website Content 

Planning the content of your website is very important, especially in terms of marketing. Generating high-quality content can improve your SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and can increase organic traffic of your website. This means that customers of your website will come from unpaid or organic search results. It reduces the costs of ads and can help save your hotel cost in the long run. 

5Get a Website Design Agency

Nowadays, website builder softwares has made it easy for amateurs who have no experience in the realms of web design to create their own website. If you’re creating websites for personal use that is fine, but if you’re a Hotel Business owner and you’re looking to build a website that is professional and of high quality, then website builder softwares may not be the one for you. This is why getting a professional website design agency is crucial when creating your own website. With years of experience and expertise, it’s a walk in the park for these agencies to create websites that answer your business needs. They are experts at what they do and they know how to do it best. 

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