What Makes A Good Hotel Website Banner?

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What Makes A Good Hotel Website Banner?

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Website banners are extremely important if you want to drive traffic or create conversions to your web page or your website. Having an attractive and interesting hotel banner can increase the chances of faster conversions and can potentially help increase direct bookings and revenue. In this article, we will explain how you can make a good hotel website banner so that you can generate maximum profit for your hotel.

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What are Website Banners?

Before we get into the makings of a good website banner, we need to know what a website banner is first. A website banner or a banner ad is a form of marketing advertisement that is displayed on a web page to drive specific traffic to your website. They help with the exposure of new customers and are used by a lot of hoteliers as a form of advertisement. Banner ads are visual and don’t usually consist of a lot of texts. They consist of images and can sometimes come in the form of a slideshow.

How do hotels earn money from Website Banners? 

As mentioned above, website banners are placed on a website to drive more traffic. For hotels, all you need to do is subscribe to a hotel digital marketing agency. A good hotel digital marketing agency will provide you with both a website banner and an audience that will be driven specifically to your website. Banners will usually be some sort of striking texts, usually some sort of promotion. It increases the chances of customers clicking on your banner ad. The banner ad should then take clients to a landing page, this is up to you but for the majority, it should take customers to a booking engine or a special offers page. The booking engine will increase the chances of direct booking whilst the special offers page will provide more specific and detailed information about given information on the hotel banner. 

What makes a good hotel Website Banner? 

There are many things to consider when making a good website banner. However, we have selected a few things below you should consider when making a quality banner ad:

1 – Size of Banner 

The size of your banner plays an important role in driving traffic to your chosen site, this would be booking engines for hotels. The size of your banner should be visible, clear and suitable for the purpose of your marketing. A small banner might be suitable for a small popup notice like a message or cookie banner, whilst bigger banners are suitable for advertisements like promotions or hotel rooms. The size of your banner will also determine the pixels of your images. A suitable image pixel should complement the size of your banner and should offer higher quality of image. Hotel Agencies should provide you with a recommended banner size that is most suitable for you.

2 – IP Banners or Geo-Targeted Banners

IP Banners or Geo-Targeted Banners are banners that allow hoteliers to specify the location of their banner ads. This means that hotels can choose what content they want to expose in different countries or locations, to make the content more suitable for them. For example, a specific location might have a preference for Spa services than others. A banner ad that is related to Spa services would then be targeted to that specific location. IP Banner also works perfectly with booking engines that have a geo-targeted feature. This will ensure that the message or promotion will only be seen by targeted audiences on both the website and the booking engine. This allows for more personalized content and more effective marketing strategy which can help you save up your marketing budget. 

3 – Time Based Banners

Time based banners can be set to display at a certain time. This is helpful, especially during different seasons. A specific timing or season might require a specific kind of promotion or hotel suite. For example in high seasons, typically summer, a beachfront suite or a cocktail by the beach would be more suitable. When the promotion runs out or when the season changes, the banner will be taken down automatically and another banner ad can be added to replace the previous banner, and a specific date should be set for the new banner. This will maximize your direct bookings and revenue. Time based banners can also be used for limited-time offers, this means that when the offer runs out, another set of banners can be used in replacement of it. 

4 – Position of Banner

The position of your banner can have a huge impact on advertisement and direct booking. Depending on the purpose of your advertisement, a banner should be placed specifically to serve your purpose. If you’re trying to sell a hotel suite or a dinner package, it’s best to place your banner in the middle rather than to hide it around the corners of your website. If you’re looking to place a cookie or a contact platform, then perhaps the bottom left or the bottom right is most appropriate. It all comes down to the purpose of what you’re trying to market, but a quality hotel digital marketing agency will advise you on where you should position your website banner. 

5 – Simplicity

Keeping your banner simple is extremely crucial when creating your banner ad. This is because the simpler it is, the easier it is for customers to understand. Banners with a lot of text might simply scare your customers away, whilst banners with a lot of images are easy to digest. This will increase the chances of a click through on your banner which will maximize direct bookings and traffic. 

6 – Corporate Identity 

Corporate Identity is also extremely important when designing your banner. Your corporate identity will define the type of color, look or feel when designing your banner. For example, if your corporate identity has a strong green color, then your banner should have a similar color or the same color to it. This will add cohesiveness to your branding, making your banner more relatable and recognizable. 

7 – Call to Action 

Lastly, a call to action. A call to action is a content or text used to persuade a customer to perform a specific action. For example, Book Now! It is a call to action and it is very crucial to defining whether your banner ad is good or not. The call to action must be clear and inviting customers to press on the link to perform your intended action. Without a good call to action, your banner will be useless because customers will not know where to go or what to do next. Hence, before designing your banner, you should also consider your call to action too. 

All of the mentioned above are several things you should keep in mind when creating an effective website banner. It boils down to the purpose of your advertisement and what you’re trying to achieve. A good hotel digital marketing agency should advise you on everything that is mentioned and should help you create a website banner that is suitable for you. Check out our hotel digital marketing agency.

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