Gathering Data Using Social Media Logins For Hotel Booking Engine

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Gathering Data Using Social Media Logins For Hotel Booking Engine

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Harvest your users data easily using social media logins when they are on your website’s online booking system. 

Social media logins are an easy and effective way to create a user account. In fact, even the most non-techie people today recognise the concept of signing up for something using their Facebook or Google accounts. There are many reasons why social media logins are so popular, for instance:

  • It’s convenient for signing up since internet users already have their social media login information available
  • It’s less work to sign in on the app or website

Social media logins are a great way to gather users’ personal data with their permission. By using social login you can not only do some pre-qualification for your users but can also provide them with a seamless experience.

Hoteliers can use social media logins for gathering data about their customers.

It is possible to gather data about customers using social media logins. The hoteliers have to integrate login services from the major social media websites into their booking systems in order to achieve this task. It’s important to note that hoteliers will need to invest in a CRM tool to be able to make use of this data. Our SB-Pro has a built-in tool that can harvest website visitors that have opted to become a member. This is more convenient as it allows the data to be stored and utilized all in one place.

The primary benefit of this approach is getting access to a wide range of the customers’ profile information without actually requiring them to create an account on your website. This informs the hotelier that whether someone has previously used the website or not, they can still track their customer’s information and through social media logins.

By integrating it with your booking system instead, you can collect customer data without having to send him/her off-site. Our SmartBooking-Pro product can easily do this, it will take care of managing and gathering the data for your hotel. Our SmartBooking_pro can do this for you without needing them to leave the website and it will take care of managing and all the data. This has many benefits as hotels are used to gathering this information manually and in some instances, the data can be wrong or neglected because of understaffing. 

Offering deals based on previous behavior is a great way to increase conversion rates and you can make this happen by using SmartBooking-Pro. By using this information, you can reward customers who have previously stayed at your hotel or visited your website before so they know they’re getting a good deal. You’ll also be able to attract new customers with similar interests to previous guests which will make them feel special from the offset because they’ll feel like you’ve been waiting for their arrival!

The travel industry is growing rapidly as people are becoming more adventurous and tech-savvy. The amount of available data that can be used to provide a more personalized service is also increasing rapidly. The best way to get ahead in the market is to use the right technology to give you an edge over your competition. Hotels are no different, and many hotel owners are now turning to social media logins to help them get an edge over their competition.

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