Are you looking for a faster and easier way for your guests to make payments?

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Are you looking for a faster and easier way for your guests to make payments?

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Do you need a payment solution that will save you time and give your guests more choice and convenience? Web Connection’s Online Payment System does just that. With our online payment system, you can eliminate unsecured, manual payments and give your guests more confidence when they book.

Online Payment System by Web Connection

There is no doubt that the way we live, work and spend our money is changing rapidly. Customers no longer have the patience for lengthy manual payment processes. They want to make purchases quicker and more convenient than ever before.

At Web Connection, we understand that handling manual payments has its problems for hotels too. To begin, it takes time for your staff to do manual card entry and go through the verification process with third-party vendors. Payments can also be complicated and when processed manually, unfortunately, there is room for human error. In addition, manual payments need to be reconciled, which again, takes time away from your team. 

How can Web Connection’s Online Payment System help?

The Online Payment System is an efficient and easy way to collect payment from customers. 

It will help eliminate manual payments and all the problems that go with them, and it will also streamline the reconciliation process, saving valuable time, reducing discrepancies and saving you money. 

By reducing the time spent on handling manual payments, your staff can be focusing on what’s most important, improving the guest experience. 

Customers are usually directed to the hotel’s website or asked to email or call the hotel to make a payment, but with the Online Payment System payments can be made anytime and anywhere, giving customers much more flexibility. It is so much more convenient for everyone involved!

The Online Payment System can also help attract new customers as a wide choice of payment methods can be accepted including debit and credit cards. Your international and local guests will appreciate these additional payment options. 

How does it work?

Let’s imagine you have a special offer you want to promote on your social media platforms, perhaps a candlelit dinner for two, a signature spa treatment or an overnight package that is valid to use within a certain booking period. You can actually create the promotion within your online payment portal. 

Log in to the portal at and sign up to your chosen payment gateways. If you are an existing website customer of Web Connection, your portal can be accessed via 

Select the promotion management function and fill in the details of the promotion such as the description, terms and conditions and set the price. Once you are happy with all the information, you can create a payment link.

Promote this link on your social media posts and customers can click directly onto the offer and make a payment.

Alternatively, you can create an invoice for a specific customer and amount, and create a link in the portal that you can email to them. Once payment is made, the hotel and the customer both receive a confirmation email for added peace of mind.

Why should I choose Web Connection for an Online Payment System?

Web Connection’s customer support team will help guide and support you at every step so that your staff fully understand how to use the Online Payment System and how your business can get the most from this time-saving software. 

Another superb advantage of Web Connection’s Online Payment System is that it supports multiple payment gateways, all you need to do is select which ones would be most suitable for your business and customers.

If you are still struggling with offline payments in a world that is drastically moving online, all you need to do is get in touch with and sign up for the Online Payment System. In fact, this system is not only applicable for the hotel business, any business selling online can benefit.

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