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Questions You Need to Ask a Hotel Tech Provider – Our Guide Posted on | Posted in BlogLeave a comment

In today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world, every business needs to be on top of their game. Businesses need to leverage the technology available for their industry, and the hospitality industry is no exception. Many hotels, inns, private villas, and other hospitality businesses nowadays utilize digital booking and payment tools and platforms.... Read More

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Our Top Ways to Create a Hotel Website for More Bookings Posted on | Posted in BlogLeave a comment

In this day and age, having a website for your business is important. It helps you create brand awareness, build your business identity and image, and it serves as a platform where you can promote and sell your products or services. ... Read More

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5 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most From Your Online Booking Engine Posted on | Posted in BlogLeave a comment

For hotels in the hospitality industry, having an online business engine is crucial for acquiring customers. This is because customers in this digital age book hotels, reserve tables in restaurants, buy concert tickets, and even shop using their mobile phones, regardless of whether they do it from home and anywhere around this world.... Read More

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3 Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs a Direct Booking System Posted on | Posted in BlogLeave a comment

When you run a hotel business, it’s imperative that you create the best experience for your guests while emphasizing the strong suits of your company in the branding. You can’t just open your hotel up and leave it to dry, especially in this day and age where everything moves at a breakneck pace.

Nowadays, a hotel business can’t survive without a sophisticated online reservation system in place. Digital technology has allowed us to do many things in a fraction of the time that was once necessary. What’s more is that it can reduce the involvement of people, which helps to minimize the potential for confusion between both the hotel and the guests.... Read More

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How to Make Your Direct Booking Offers Stand Out Posted on | Posted in BlogLeave a comment

Although it is helpful to advertise your hotel through booking platforms, you should also have some sort of page on your website where customers can book and pay for their rooms as well. Getting direct bookings can be hard, but through them, you will get more money without having to pay booking fees on the platforms you post your rooms on. In order to get more direct bookings, you will want to enhance your promotional offers in order for it to stand out. Here are some ways you can start out:... Read More

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How to Design Your Hotel Website For Conversions – Digital Marketing Posted on | Posted in BlogLeave a comment

If you are an owner of a hotel that has a decent website but doesn't seem to be making a direct profit, you might want to hire someone who can help you with bettering the design or format of your online identity.... Read More

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The Benefits of Direct Campaigns for Hotels Posted on | Posted in BlogLeave a comment

Online Travel Agents or OTAs can help augment a hotel’s presence online by showing it among other choices in the OTA’s search bar. Nevertheless, with competition evident even in the OTA’s search results, hoteliers want people to book with them directly. What is the right balance for their hotel, vis-a-vis OTA, and direct bookings? If a hotel wants to boost the number of people who book with it upfront, they can plan and implement a “book direct campaign,” where visitors to the hotel’s website are encouraged to book directly with the hotelier instead of through an OTA website. A persuasion campaign may require time, resources, and tactics to sure it meets the hotel’s objectives, but if executed well, the benefits of “book direct” campaigns to hotels are substantial. ... Read More

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7 Tips to Help You Get More Direct Bookings for Your Hotel Posted on | Posted in BlogLeave a comment

When you own or manage a hotel, you naturally want to get more bookings regularly, whether it’s peak or non-peak season. Many factors come into play when inviting people to book your hotel. Similarly, there are also multiple factors to look into when facilitating the bookings itself.... Read More

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What to Consider Before Investing in a Hotel Channel Manager Posted on | Posted in BlogLeave a comment

Looking for a hotel channel manager is not as easy as you may think. Although there are many options online for you to choose from, not every single one will be able to provide the same quality of service. If you are struggling to find the right one for your hotel, here are a few things that you need to consider beforehand:... Read More

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How to Reduce Abandoned Bookings A Five-Step Guide Posted on | Posted in BlogLeave a comment

A hotel business needs to find a way to stand out from the crowd to ensure that they have as many bookings as possible. One issue that many hotel businesses face when it comes to booking is that people often abandon the booking page once they have landed on it via ads or organic traffic.... Read More