3 Booking Stages — What You Can Do to Attract Customers to Your Hotel

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3 Booking Stages — What You Can Do to Attract Customers to Your Hotel

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If you're running a small hotel, you might feel like you don't stand a chance against the big-name chain hotel brands that compete on a global scale. You might think that they have all the experience and all the money in the world to attract customers and provide top-tier facilities you might not be able to achieve. However, there is a silver lining for you!

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It is found that the majority of customers do not have a preferred hotel brand. In other words, they won’t stick to a famous hotel just because of the name. They’re always willing to try out something new, and this is your chance to grab their attention.

Of the five stages of booking, here’s what you can do in three to capture as many customers as possible:

1. Dreaming Stage

In this stage, people continuously think of what their next vacation will be like. In other words, they’re consistently dreaming about where to go. It is your opportunity to present yourself most interestingly and engagingly to land your hotel in their list of possible bookings or even be their number one.

What better way to capture their attention than with a beautiful website? Make sure your website has all the necessary information presented clearly and in an exciting way. Provide accurate information, highlight your awards and achievements, and utilize high-quality and detailed pictures. By doing all these, you’re presenting your hotel in the best light. Don’t forget to implement a great SEO strategy, as well. This will ensure that customers will find you in the search results and enjoy all the great things you’ve done.

2. Planning Stage

After the dreaming stage, the individual will settle on a destination. It is also now that they will look at all your website’s content to help them make the best decision possible. With that in mind, ensure that your website creates relevant and high-quality content. Remember, the more information you give to your customers, the more confident they’re going to be with booking your hotel.

Provide as much information about your hotel as possible—facilities, amenities, staff, rooms, pricing, and so on. Don’t forget to include your contact details to allow them to contact you if they need an answer to a question or two. Also, never forget to highlight the characteristics that set you apart from the rest of the competition. Don’t become a typical hotel that has nothing special for customers to experience and enjoy.

3. Sharing Stage

While it is great to have a well-designed website to boost your chances of getting your hotel booked, having a strong presence online elsewhere is just as vital. In this day and age, people are always sharing interesting content on social media. They share articles, videos, posts, and many other types of content to other people.

To take full advantage of this trend, have a social media account tied directly with the hotel. There, your job is to create a personality to humanize your hotel to allow customers to engage and relate to your posts. Try and encourage customers to share their experiences with you and take it up a level by keeping in contact with customers that have used your services. That way, not only will other people be attracted to use your services, but that will also bring back ones that already have booked with you before.

In summary, put the dreaming, planning, and sharing stage into good use. Every stage provides you with an excellent opportunity to attract customers into booking your hotel, and every stage gives you a chance to compete with the big boys. By creating proper strategies around each of these stages and putting them into action, you’ll be enjoying more and more bookings in no time at all. As a final tip, don’t forget to get creative! The more creative you are, the more unique and attractive you become—two characteristics that are vital for your survival in a world full of competition.

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