4 Tips to Help You Create an Excellent Hotel Website

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4 Tips to Help You Create an Excellent Hotel Website

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Creating a website is always a daunting task. Not only does it require you to have some form of web design experience, but there are many decisions to make as well. Any mistakes that happen early will only exponentially grow as you progress, so it is crucial to make the right decisions the first time around. That way, you can create a website you can indeed be proud of.

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If you’re trying to make a website for your hotel, here are four tips to help you:

1. Create a Plan

Before starting any project such as this, you must lay out a plan. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a website that achieves nothing.

What is the purpose of your website? What audience will the site cater to? These questions can help you identify the kind of people the website is made for. In marketing terms, this is called a user persona.

When you can determine the user persona, you are also able to figure out what another website they visit as well. This will help figure out different ideas in terms of usability and design when planning out your hotel website.

2. Design Around User Experience

With a user persona figured out, you’ll be able to decide how your website will look and function.

A hotel website has, for many years, acted like a lobby where customers can come by and learn more about your business. It is also from your website where customers create their impressions about you. Because of this, you must offer the best user experience for them. In doing so, not only are you able to create an incredible first impression, but you also enhance customer satisfaction and help build loyalty.

To have good user design, ensure that you utilize visuals and content properly. Make the content appealing and relevant, yet aesthetically pleasing to attract people. Implement other functions, such as booking, to give customers even more reason to use your website.

3. Implement SEO Strategies

Despite your best efforts in creating a great hotel website, no one’s going to be able to know about its existence if your SEO is terrible. In other words, without proper SEO, your website rank isn’t going to be great, and you’ll be lost in the pool of other competitors.

To get your website ranked high, and possibly even number one, there are a few things to consider. Aim to compete on a local level first. With that done, follow it up by analyzing who your competitors are. What keywords are they using? Are they offering the same services as you are? Which audience are they targeting?

By figuring these things out, you’ll be able to create relevant content, as well as increase website traffic from Google and other platforms. In other words, optimize every element on your website that will help an audience find you.

4. Make It Mobile Friendly

One of the most important tasks you will have to accomplish is to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. With most of today’s web activity done on small devices, such as tablets and phones, you must cater to such use as well. In doing so, you’re not losing on over 50 percent of customers that roam the web with their mobile devices.

To make a mobile-friendly site, make sure that every aspect of it—design, functionality, and so on—can adapt to a small display. Ensure that loading speeds are kept to minimal as well, as both mobile and desktop users prefer sites that load much faster.


While creating a website for your hotel isn’t an easy task, it isn’t an impossible one either. By taking into consideration the tips we’ve given, you ensure that the result is a website you indeed can be proud of, not only in terms of looks but the benefits it offers to your business.

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