How Mobile Devices Are Changing the Hospitality Industry

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How Mobile Devices Are Changing the Hospitality Industry

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2019 has been a monumental year for the digital media sector of the hospitality industry. Digital ads are reaping more results than ever, the names of booking sites have become some of the internet’s most-searched terms, and hotels are seeing even more reservations from all over the world. One remarkable milestone for the industry is that mobile device bookings have surpassed that of a desktop.

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Why mobile device booking rates are higher than ever

The hospitality industry is just one of the many markets that have been greatly affected by the mobile revolution. The effects that have taken place are far from menial.

According to a study on consumer mobile usage, 63.4 percent of global mobile phone users spend more than five hours a day on their phones. From purchasing items online to hauling a cab, it’s easy to see that today’s modern consumer heavily relies on mobile phones to do anything related to money.

Booking a hotel, in fact, has become so common on mobile phones that various stalwarts in the industry have taken it upon themselves to create mobile-friendly website designs to cater to the modern consumer.

Nowadays, the first thing people do is bring out their phones when the term “hotel” comes to mind. Regardless of whether it’s to search for new travel ideas online or score a cheaper accommodation, there’s always a mobile phone that’s behind the entire process.

With an increase in mobile phone usage rates and advancements in digital technology, long gone are the days of having to negotiate with travel agents and wasting an hour of waiting on the phone. With various booking engines adapting to the changes, mobile device booking rates have shot up significantly. For this reason, mobile access is something that every hotelier should take care of.

The future of the hospitality industry

As the mobile revolution continues to take over and brings about rapid change in the hospitality industry, you might be wondering: What does the future of mobile technology hold for the hospitality industry? Here’s our take:

User-generated reviews will have a greater impact

With the mobile revolution for the hospitality industry, user-generated reviews have become incredibly important, and their larger impact is one to watch out for.

Nowadays, modern consumers tend to consult with online reviews more than they don’t. Consumers base their perception of what’s worth paying for and what isn’t on user-generated reviews. Given the fact that hotels are subject to higher standards of quality, it’s best to expect that user-generated reviews will hold a higher level of importance in the years to come.

Easier fostering of customer loyalty

Modern consumers can now easily be found through their mobile phones. That means that your hotel won’t have to go far in terms of reaching out to an even larger target market.

While it may be fairly new, a fully mobile-optimized website is now regarded as an essential part of every hotel’s marketing toolbox because it allows hoteliers to establish meaningful connections with their consumers. Through several programs, such as mobile-only rewards and QR code-based strategies, you can easily foster valuable customer loyalty without having to sell yourself short in the process.

The takeaway

To say that mobile devices have a significant impact on the hospitality industry as we know it can be an understatement, especially when factoring in what’s to come. If you’re looking to get ahead of the rest of your competition, take our forecasts into the mind and act accordingly.

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