Why Location Targeted Banners?

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Why Location Targeted Banners?

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Digital Marketing has become an extremely important aspect in today’s world, especially in the traveling industry. With an effective marketing approach, hotels are able to reach and expand prospective customers to build a loyal customer network. This not only increases the chances of direct bookings but also the possibilities of repeating customers. This is why digital marketing is so important when building your customer network. However, there are different types of digital marketing depending on the purpose of your business, one of which is location targeted banners.

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What are Location Targeted Banners?

Before we begin with why hotels need location targeted banners, we need to know what it is first. A location targeted banner, geo-targeted banner or IP Banner is a specific type of banner ad that allows you to publish your ad in a selected country or location. For example, you want to publish an advertisement campaign in Australia because you think that one of your products will mostly sell there. You can do this by easily choosing the ad to appear in Australia or a particular region in Australia and choose to hide it in other countries. This way your ad is specialized to customers in Australia or in that particular region and doesn’t interfere with other promotions or products selling in other countries. 

Why Location Targeted Banners? 

Now that we know what a location targeted banner is, let’s talk about why we need it. Location targeting banners are extremely crucial if you want your banner ad to be effective. Here are reasons why you need a location targeted banner: 

1 – Cost Effective Marketing

Location targeted banners are very cost effective since it targets only a specific group of customers. This means that additional costs will not be spent on additional groups of clients, it can be spent on something else instead. If you’re looking to market your banner in Malaysia then your budget will be spent for Malaysia and nowhere else. This can save up a lot of your cost, especially in the long run. 

2 – Personalized Advertisement 

Location targeted banners allow you to target your group of customers based on their location. As a result, the banner ads become much more specific to suit the needs of a particular group of clients. The content on your banner ad is therefore personalized and done with the intent to serve your customers. This can mean that if you know that your clients in Thailand like happy hours, you can use this as a content for your banner ad. It will increase the likelihood of them using your service and possibly direct booking, maximizing your revenue and profit! 

3 – Better Services & User Experience

The location of your customers can give you major insights into their behavior. You can use this information to better your services and user experience. Similar to personalized advertisement, if your clients enjoy dining in candlelight you could provide candles and flowers especially for them to better their experience. This would increase the possibility of them coming back to your hotel and becoming your repeated guest. 

4 – Drive Your Competitors Away 

Location targeted banners mean that your banner is targeted to a specific group of people. Not only are you driving them to your banner, but you’re also driving them away from other brands that may have similar products to you. This means that you’re lowering the chance of them being exposed to other competing companies so it’s a benefit for you. 

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