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Different Ways You Can Boost Your Hotel Revenue Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, MarketingLeave a comment

Ever since the global pandemic, covid-19, the traveling industry had become far more restricted. Hoteliers find the maintenance of hotels much harder as most of the industry was frozen. However, since covid has become more of a common cold than a dangerous virus, the traveling industry has began to bounce back. People are starting to go out and travel much more, and the hotel industry is slowly reviving. Because of this, a lot of hoteliers are looking for ways to boost their revenue and ways to increase profit. In this article, we have listed different ways you can boost your hotel revenue. ... Read More

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6 Reasons Why Hotels Need Social Media Marketing Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, Marketing, TechnologyLeave a comment

Social Media is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing in the hospitality industry. There are different kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This is because not only does it increase visibility, brand awareness and potential direct bookings from your customers, but it also gives your customers a way to interact directly with you and helps you form a loyal customer base. This is what makes social media unique from other forms of marketing. We have listed 6 reasons why your hotel business needs social media marketing. ... Read More

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The Importance of Search Engine Optimization Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, MarketingLeave a comment

Search Engine Optimization or SEOs are fundamental for a hotel’s website. It can increase a website’s organic ranking without the use of paid search. Websites are ranked in accordance with the search engine’s algorithm, usually based on the quality of the content and the relevancy of search. This makes it more cost-effective and increases the chances of direct bookings for hotels.... Read More

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Why Location Targeted Banners? Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, MarketingLeave a comment

Digital Marketing has become an extremely important aspect in today’s world, especially in the traveling industry. With an effective marketing approach, hotels are able to reach and expand prospective customers to build a loyal customer network. This not only increases the chances of direct bookings but also the possibilities of repeating customers. This is why digital marketing is so important when building your customer network. However, there are different types of digital marketing depending on the purpose of your business, one of which is location targeted banners. ... Read More

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What Makes A Good Hotel Website Banner? Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, MarketingLeave a comment

Website banners are extremely important if you want to drive traffic or create conversions to your web page or your website. Having an attractive and interesting hotel banner can increase the chances of faster conversions and can potentially help increase direct bookings and revenue. In this article, we will explain how you can make a good hotel website banner so that you can generate maximum profit for your hotel. ... Read More

Hotel Channel Manager Matters for Online Bookings Posted on | Posted in Blog, Marketing, TechnologyLeave a comment

Hotel channel manager is an invaluable software in your marketing arsenal. It is a “control room” for all the online channels you use for customer interaction and it allows you to manage room allotment, selling price and reporting as well as all the various booking channels your hotel is connected to.... Read More

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Increase Hotel Direct Booking with Location Targeting Posted on | Posted in Hotel Trends & Advice, Marketing, TechnologyLeave a comment

Hotel booking systems run by OTA”s are managed by different sellers who are trying to sell their rooms online. The only problem is that your hotel is one among thousands of accommodations putting rooms up and these other accommodations can lower their prices to grab more customers.... Read More

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Gathering Data Using Social Media Logins For Hotel Booking Engine Posted on | Posted in Hotel Trends & Advice, Marketing, Technology

Social media logins are an easy and effective way to create a user account nowadays. This feature enables hoteliers to collect user data while they are on hotel website, of course with user permission.

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3 Tips to Prepare Your Hotel for Summertime Earning Posted on | Posted in Hotel Trends & Advice, MarketingLeave a comment

Summer is typically the season that most people look forward to all year long. After all, what can beat late-night barbeque or a trip to the beaches? As a hotel or resort, the summer season is your chance of getting increased revenue! Unfortunately, with the little time you have before summer finally hits, you might end up cutting corners or jumping steps to get your promotions and offers in place and ready. ... Read More

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Social Media Marketing for Your Hotel Business – What to Know Posted on | Posted in MarketingLeave a comment

For the first few years, users maximized social media platforms as virtual message boards and game hubs. Facebook served as a place for uploading overwhelming amounts of photographs every day, while Twitter was a place to let everyone know what you had for dinner. Over time, social media developed, gradually becoming an intrinsic part of marketing strategies. Due to these social media platforms’ popularity and their promise of instant connection, networks grew into huge user bases. TikTok, for instance, has over 500 million users daily worldwide. Businesses and advertisers alike turned to the newfound power of social media, as reaching colossal amounts of audiences no longer required them to shell out hefty TV advertising budgets. If you’re a hotel business owner trying to reach more audiences, tapping into social media platforms may just be the key to your success. ... Read More