Different Ways You Can Boost Your Hotel Revenue

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Different Ways You Can Boost Your Hotel Revenue

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Ever since the global pandemic, covid-19, the traveling industry had become far more restricted. Hoteliers find the maintenance of hotels much harder as most of the industry was frozen. However, since covid has become more of a common cold than a dangerous virus, the traveling industry has began to bounce back. People are starting to go out and travel much more, and the hotel industry is slowly reviving. Because of this, a lot of hoteliers are looking for ways to boost their revenue and ways to increase profit. In this article, we have listed different ways you can boost your hotel revenue.

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1 – Create your own Website

Before you can start to market your hotel on the internet, the most important thing you need is a website. Your website is the first thing people will see when they try to search for more information about your hotel. Even though, in most cases they first see you through different OTAs (online travel agents) but if they’re interested in booking your hotel, then your website is definitely the next station that they will stop by to read about you. If you create a quality website, then this will greatly determine whether they will make a booking with you or not. Having a good website is therefore important for you, especially if you want to increase your direct bookings and boost your revenue. 

2 – Get a Booking Engine

Once you’ve got yourself a website, the next thing you need is to get a booking engine. A booking engine is important because if they go to your website and don’t find a booking engine, then you will not get a direct booking. Having a booking engine is crucial if you want your customers to book with you. It should be easy to use, not time consuming and the process should be easy to understand. That’s why a booking engine is really important, especially if you want to boost your hotel revenue. 

3 – Get a Channel Manager 

Your website isn’t the only platform where you can sell your rooms, but different channels of OTAs can help you increase your hotel booking too. With many OTAs and online booking engines at the same time, it can be a hassle for you, especially if you manage your rate and availability manually. This is why a channel manager comes in handy because it automatically manages the room availability for you, so that rooms that are already booked, can be selected out of other online booking platforms. It prevents overbooking and the same booking on different platforms. This is why a channel manager is a must have if you want to increase your hotel revenue. 

4 – Market through Social Media 

Social Media is also very important if you want to increase your profit. This is because social media allows you to market your campaigns, banners on social media platforms where you can reach an audience. Not only can you reach an audience but you can also specify which kind of target audience you want, like what countries they’re from. Hence, marketing your hotel through social media is very important and it can increase your bookings significantly by a shorter period of time. 

5 – Work on Search Engine Optimization 

Another very important and also increasingly popular way to increase your revenue and increase brand awareness is through search engine optimization. Unlike ads, you don’t need to pay as much because it’s a practice of working up your rank on the search engine. It takes time but when done consistently and efficiently, it can help increase your organic ranking. This means that you can spend less and have people know about you on the search engine. This is usually done on websites for hotels, the higher the ranking of your website, the better chances that people are going to look at you and book directly with your website. 

6 – Start Meta Search Marketing

Meta Search Marketing can be seen through meta-search engines. It is used as a form of marketing by hotels to increase brand awareness and increase possible direct bookings. You can put your rate of your room on the meta-search. This will expose more customers to your rate and site. It is also used as a comparison of hotel rooms for customers.

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