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Strategies To Successful Hotel Marketing Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, MarketingLeave a comment

Digital marketing is very important for hotels especially in the modern world of covid-19. Digital marketing helps you reach out to your prospective customers and helps you expand your business online. ... Read More

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Hotel Businesses After Covid: How to Survive and Recover Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, Marketing, TechnologyLeave a comment

Covid-19 has impacted many businesses worldwide. It has made an impact on economic growth, leading to a sharp sell-off in markets around the world. It has disrupted the entire chain of traveling businesses and has made it near possible for hotels to come back, but with ease of traveling restrictions, hotels are able to take a step back and work on recovering their businesses after covid.... Read More

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Video Marketing for Hotels: What’s the Importance? Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, MarketingLeave a comment

Video marketing is very important, especially for hotels. The use of visuals, texts, and sounds can enhance a customer’s experience and give them an overall impression of the hotel they’re about to visit. It gives them the look and the feel of what the hotel is going to look like and can help determine whether or not they would like to pick a stay with you. ... Read More

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Different Ways You Can Boost Your Hotel Revenue Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, MarketingLeave a comment

Ever since the global pandemic, covid-19, the traveling industry had become far more restricted. Hoteliers find the maintenance of hotels much harder as most of the industry was frozen. However, since covid has become more of a common cold than a dangerous virus, the traveling industry has began to bounce back. People are starting to go out and travel much more, and the hotel industry is slowly reviving. Because of this, a lot of hoteliers are looking for ways to boost their revenue and ways to increase profit. In this article, we have listed different ways you can boost your hotel revenue. ... Read More

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6 Reasons Why Hotels Need Social Media Marketing Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, Marketing, TechnologyLeave a comment

Social Media is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing in the hospitality industry. There are different kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This is because not only does it increase visibility, brand awareness and potential direct bookings from your customers, but it also gives your customers a way to interact directly with you and helps you form a loyal customer base. This is what makes social media unique from other forms of marketing. We have listed 6 reasons why your hotel business needs social media marketing. ... Read More

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Social Media Marketing for Your Hotel Business – What to Know Posted on | Posted in MarketingLeave a comment

For the first few years, users maximized social media platforms as virtual message boards and game hubs. Facebook served as a place for uploading overwhelming amounts of photographs every day, while Twitter was a place to let everyone know what you had for dinner. Over time, social media developed, gradually becoming an intrinsic part of marketing strategies. Due to these social media platforms’ popularity and their promise of instant connection, networks grew into huge user bases. TikTok, for instance, has over 500 million users daily worldwide. Businesses and advertisers alike turned to the newfound power of social media, as reaching colossal amounts of audiences no longer required them to shell out hefty TV advertising budgets. If you’re a hotel business owner trying to reach more audiences, tapping into social media platforms may just be the key to your success. ... Read More