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Hotel Businesses After Covid: How to Survive and Recover

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Covid-19 has impacted many businesses worldwide. It has made an impact on economic growth, leading to a sharp sell-off in markets around the world. It has disrupted the entire chain of traveling businesses and has made it near possible for hotels to come back, but with ease of traveling restrictions, hotels are able to take a step back and work on recovering their businesses after covid.

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The covid-19 pandemic has without a doubt, impacted many businesses worldwide, especially in the hospitality industry. Traveling, both international and domestic, was restricted for a while. Many hotels, airlines, and travel related companies have found it a struggle to maintain their businesses during covid. However, as of recent 2023, traveling has eased and restrictions in regards to entering different countries have become much more uncomplicated. It’s a great time for hotels to come back, and many may now wonder: so what do we do next? We will answer all these questions in the article. 

Implement Cloud Based PMS (Property Management System) 

Today’s technology has made it easier for hotels to check availability, rates, payments and reservations online through a PMS or Property Management System, especially cloud based PMS. Cloud based PMS are accessible via login on any computers or mobile devices on the internet. Staff are able to access hotel’s information and are able to control operations from anywhere around the world. This is a very important tool, especially after the recovery of covid, as keeping a system for hotels is very important if you want to welcome new guests. Making sure their information is correct will be a helping hand for you for the come back of travelers after covid-19. 

Update Your Website

Update your website so that everything is up-to-date with what you have or get one if you don’t have already. During covid there might’ve been changes in the way you operate or changes in certain facilities. This will need to be updated on your website so that it matches when they visit you in real life. Make sure your FAQ page is updated, or if you don’t have one, it’s a great time to create one now. The FAQ page should answer directly what you think they would like to ask. It should be short, simple and easy to understand. Including a banner of specific room rates you would like to promote is also a good idea for your website. It can increase profit and drive direct bookings to you. 

Optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimizing your SEO or Search Engine Optimization is also very important for the 2023 come back. You want to make sure that your organic traffic is coming through and your ranking sits well on the search engine. This is especially significant right now as people are searching for hotels and looking for things online. You want to make sure that you come up as one of them and you’re easy to find on the internet. You can let a digital marketing agency do this for you to increase rankings and optimize direct traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the most effective ways to expand your customer network and increase direct bookings. Social media allows you to set up campaigns that are targeted to a specific group of customers. This way you can focus on your message and create advertisements or banners that relate more to them. It is important these advertisement campaigns look visually attractive, with not as many texts and easy to remember information. This will greatly boost your customer base, ready for you to come back in 2023. 

Improve Customer Relationship Online

Covid-19 has transformed nearly everything to the digital world, including customers. Using social media you can improve your relationship with customers online. Spend time on social media and reach out to repeating customers. Create personalized emails or vouchers to make them feel special and come back to you this 2023. Use social media as a way to communicate with guests, reply to comments or messages you receive from them and create a two-way relationship with them. 

Manage Room Rates

Managing room rates is very important, especially this coming back 2023. As traveling restrictions ease you can expect an increased number of customers. This means that your pricing doesn’t have to be as low as it used to be during covid, but you can increase your room rates to increase and maximize profit. However, make sure that the price doesn’t increase sharply as this may scare your customers away, but keep it reasonable for you and for them since traveling has only started to come back recently.

Offer Special Discounts

Though you might want to increase your room rates, having a balance of special discounts will also help you attract more customers. Covid hasn’t recovered fully but has only started so offering customers special discounts will be helpful for guests. The pricings doesn’t have to be as low as it was during covid, but it should be reasonable and attractive enough to expand your customer network and maximize as many customers as you can now. 

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