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Hotel Businesses After Covid: How to Survive and Recover Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, Marketing, TechnologyLeave a comment

Covid-19 has impacted many businesses worldwide. It has made an impact on economic growth, leading to a sharp sell-off in markets around the world. It has disrupted the entire chain of traveling businesses and has made it near possible for hotels to come back, but with ease of traveling restrictions, hotels are able to take a step back and work on recovering their businesses after covid.... Read More

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How Hoteliers Can Cope With the Coronavirus Outbreak Posted on | Posted in Hotel Trends & AdviceLeave a comment

The outbreak of the coronavirus has resulted in a global pandemic, leading to businesses across most industries to come at a standstill. It has delivered an unforeseen economic shock, and one of the sectors that have taken the biggest hit is the hotel industry. It left hotels across the world crippled, as people are advised to avoid traveling, stay in their homes, and practice social distancing in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. As a hotelier, you may be concerned as to how this pandemic can further impact your business. We're here to help you cope. Here are some tips on how you can approach the situation at hand: ... Read More