Video Marketing for Hotels: What’s the Importance?

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Video Marketing for Hotels: What’s the Importance?

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Video marketing is very important, especially for hotels. The use of visuals, texts, and sounds can enhance a customer’s experience and give them an overall impression of the hotel they’re about to visit. It gives them the look and the feel of what the hotel is going to look like and can help determine whether or not they would like to pick a stay with you.

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What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a form of marketing that uses videos to advertise a product in order to increase a target audience and build brand awareness. Videos are usually more intimate and more engaging when compared to other forms of marketing. Music, visuals, motion graphics are all that can be added to the video. For hotels, it is very important because it gives potential customers an overall view of the hotel they’re going to visit. When edited professionally, it can enhance your hotel image and increase potential direct bookings

What’s the Importance of Video marketing?

Videos are one of the most powerful tools of digital marketing, it’s emotionally touching and can drive direct bookings to you when done professionally. Here are reasons why video marketing is important:

More Powerful 

Videos are much more powerful than still pictures or texts. It’s more emotional and feels better than just reading brochures or ads. When done professionally with suitable filters, motions and graphics, it can be really touching to the customer. For hotels this is especially true, it should give your customer the feeling of being relaxed or taken away to a place of comfort. 

Easier to Remember 

Video advertisements are usually fast and short. This makes it more memorable for the user, especially in videos with strong visuals and messages. The general theme and identity of the brand shown in the video will make it more likely that potential customers will remember you. This is especially important for hotels as this will be the image of how your customers will perceive you. When done properly, with the help of a professional, the video will easily be remembered.  

Builds Trust and Credibility 

A quality video will always gain a customer’s trust. That is because they know how much time, effort and money it takes for a hotel to create a quality video. It shows them that you care about your brand and your customers enough to generate a high quality video. It shows them that you care about marketing, and care about how they feel when they decide to stay with you.

Increase Engagement 

A video posted on social media will much more likely gain the customer’s attention when compared to other forms of advertising like images or texts. This is because videos are generally more interesting to look at since it’s moving, especially ones that are short and directly explain its points. It can highly increase the engagement between you and your customers.

Drive Direct Bookings

A well thought video that includes different elements that are emotional and touching can drive direct bookings to you. A video that shows your customers that you care about them with great services will make them feel that they will be safe staying at your hotel. Showing them that you have great facilities and a nice environment will make them want to stay with you and consequently, drive more direct bookings to you.

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