Digital Bootcamp #2 by Thai Hotel Association, Southern Chapter

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Digital Bootcamp #2 by Thai Hotel Association, Southern Chapter

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We invite you to join our second “THA - Digital Bootcamp #2” in the theme of “Maximize Direct Booking Performance" to help hotels drive more bookings, lower costs and increase profit in the long run.

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We are delighted to announce that we will be organizing the “THA – Digital Bootcamp #2” in the theme of “Maximize Direct Booking Performance” for the second time. We will be organizing the event alongside our partners, the Southern Thai Hotel Association, Krabi Hotel Association, The Hotel Network, RateGain and Smart Order with a free networking session. The objective of the event is to essentially help hotels drive more bookings and increase profit in the long run. 

Web Connection has worked closely with hundreds of hotels in the past. We have seen the hotel industry evolve through various ways, from marketing to now digital marketing and online networks. We see the importance of technology for hotels and we believe that it is important that hotels have an understanding of this and see the use of it. 

The information in the event is suitable for hoteliers, general managers, marketing teams and sales who want to strategically increase direct bookings and build a stronger brand with lower costs in the long term. 

The aim is to help hotels strengthen their brand through multi-channel advertising (Google, Facebook, Tiktok, etc), teach hotels how to act on data to increase direct bookings, capture key strategies to chinese traveling markets and provide hotels with knowledge about metasearch. 

The seminar will happen on Thursday 16th March 2023, starting time 13:30 PM, registration time 13:00 PM at Krabi Resort. Registration is free and our seats are limited. Since the seminar will happen in Krabi, it is a great opportunity for hotels not only to learn more about ways to increase direct bookings through digital marketing but also a great opportunity to travel out and explore hotels in Krabi and learn more about other hotels. 

Web Connection, THA and all partners believe that the information will be very useful for hotels and we hope to increase everyone’s sustainable online revenue growth.

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