Why Everyone Should Be Involved In Your Hotel's Digital Marketing Strategy

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Why Everyone Should Be Involved In Your Hotel’s Digital Marketing Strategy

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It seems like the digital marketing landscape scene is constantly changing, and it is. You’ve got to keep up with your email marketing, make sure your website is up to par, think about how to reach the local market, engage with your community, while still keeping up with your SEO.

Why Everyone Should Be Involved In Your Hotel's Digital Marketing Strategy

That’s quite a bit to handle. Well, there’s one thing that you can focus on that will contribute to just about everything you’ve got to take care of with regard to digital marketing: content.

It’s really quite simple. Wouldn’t email marketing be so much easier if someone just gave you exactly what you needed to send out? If your content was taken care of, all you have to do to keep up with your email marketing, social media platforms, and everything else was to figure out when to publish.

That being said, content doesn’t exactly write itself. Where would you find the huge amount of content you’d need for a hotel’s digital marketing strategy? What if you only had a small team, or even just an individual creating all the content?

Your content creation solution could be right before your eyes.

Everyone in your hotel’s environment can produce content.

Whether it’s the receptionist, the guests who just checked in, or even the couple catering that event, there are so many sources where you could draw content from. Let’s take a look at who you should get involved in content creation:

Your Guests

There are a huge number of people coming into your hotel daily. Here’s the tickler: They produce content without you even having to ask! Every rating, every review, every picture of their breakfast spread at the buffet is potential content for you. It’s user-generated content that you could use on your website, your social media channels, and even on your newsletters! If you see some great content that you’d like to republish on your own channels, be sure to check whether it’s alright with them.

Your Employees

Your employees know your hotel. They come into contact with guests every day, and therefore may have amazing ideas of the different types of content that may be beneficial for your channels. They know how to reach the target market and may have suggestions that you’ll find valuable.

By showcasing different members of your team, you’ll also get to make your brand a little bit more personal so people are more inclined to engage and build a relationship with your brand.

It isn’t just the employees who are directly working with customers who are beneficial. Even those doing backend tasks can contribute. For instance, they can give an insider view on the hotel or showcase different ways that they work to contribute to the overall guest experience.

It takes time and a lot of organization to get content from a wide variety of sources. However, it will do wonders to boost your online marketing efforts. With a good mix of content that will keep people interested, you’ll increase engagement on your page, experience more traffic, rank higher on the SERPs, and maybe even see an increase in reservations!

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