Ways to Improve Wellness for the Hospitality Industry

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Ways to Improve Wellness for the Hospitality Industry

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Wellness tourism is growing increasingly ever since the pandemic, covid-19. People are becoming more aware of their lifestyles, food, health and that has also impacted the hospitality industry and the way we service.

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Wellness tourism is growing faster than ever, especially ever since the pandemic of covid-19. This is because travelers are becoming more aware of the way they travel, specifically becoming more aware of the places or hotel’s cleanliness. Travelers are much more likely to seek places or activities that have to do with restoring health, exercise, fitness, and healthy foods than going out to famous sights. Hence it is important that hotels are also aware of this and look for ways to improve their own facilities so that wellness is up to a standard. 

We will explain ways that hotels can improve wellness in order to promote health and also essentially increase more bookings in the long run. 

Improve Fitness Facilities

Fitness facilities are one of the most important facilities if you want to improve a guest’s wellness. It is without doubt that fitness facilities offer a space for guests to relax, rejuvenate and exercise. It is a place where most customers are able to release stress and truly get away from the world. Having a good and clean fitness facility will impress customers and make them want to come back and take care of their health. The fresher or the cleaner the facility is, the more likely they are going to come back. 

Improving Spa 

Spas are also one of the most popular facilities that attract wellness tourists. Hotel spas are a place for guests to relax and get away from reality. Set up a space or a room where guests can enjoy local or exclusive massage, with body or beauty treatments. The spa should make them feel special and feel calming when they choose to come visit. You can bring in local essential oils, or aroma oils to help keep the room fresh. They will be much more likely to be impressed with this and will want to stay in your spa longer. 

Mini Shops with Eco-Friendly Products

If you happen to have a room that still hasn’t been used, one of the things you could definitely turn it into are mini shops with eco-friendly or local products. This is because guests are much more likely to like and appreciate eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly products are environmentally friendly and are usually handmade by locals. They are known to be fresh and usually have a concern for reducing carbon footprint. Because of this they will feel that these products are more likely to improve their wellness. It will impress them and will definitely make them want to come back for more.

Provide Healthy Foods & Drinks

Healthy foods and drinks are one of the most significant areas of wellness. Healthy foods like oatmeal, yogurt, nuts, fresh vegetables, fruits and certain meats are much more nutritious and are ideal for health. You can provide customers with vegan or gluten free options, this will show them that you care about their health and wellness. You can also come up with dishes that use local products and market it for your hotel. This all together will improve the wellness of your hotel and have your customers coming back for more. 

Support Local Activities 

Supporting local activities is also a way to improve wellness in the hospitality industry. Outdoor local activities can be things such as trekking, biking, ziplines, snorkeling, etc. Use these existing local attractions as a marketing tool for both your business and local businesses. Wellness tourists will appreciate this and they will get the opportunity to explore the local cultures and get back to nature in their trip.

Keep it Clean

It is extremely important that your hotel room is clean. This is because the cleanliness and sanitation have a huge impact on travelers and how they feel about your hotel. If a room isn’t cleaned properly they will feel that you are not taking enough care of your rooms and feel that the service is lacking. It is important you change the towels, tissue papers, make their bed and clean up any area that is dirty for them. It will feel much more comfortable and safe, and they will appreciate this and will much more likely be willing to revisit you.

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