The Significance of Emotional Design in the Hospitality Industry

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The Significance of Emotional Design in the Hospitality Industry

Science has proven that emotions rule our decision-making processes. We all know how powerful our emotions are and how they can drive us to do certain things in our lives. Research has shown that emotions can also help a person decide which web page design one should invest in.

The Significance of Emotional Design in the Hospitality Industry
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Therefore, companies are now striving hard to build web page designs that can build an emotional connection to the people using the sites. There are other factors like the price that people do take into consideration while buying a website, but the emotional decision certainly plays a major role.

AI and The Age of Machine Learning

We are slowly but steadily moving into an age where machine learning and AI will give us unprecedented levels of knowledge on consumer behaviour. With this technology, we are able to understand ourselves more, drive positive change, and transform lives for the better. In this article, we shall discuss the many areas of a web page that can connect emotionally with an audience.

– Website performance

Speed, ongoing SEO, and monthly analytics matter a great deal when it comes to website performance. When it comes to hotels, there are many ways to boost SEO efforts at very low costs in comparison to the expensive standard packages that many companies offer.

– Design layout

Consumers are more tech-savvy than ever and can tell a canned website layout from a professional one. Proper sites should be crafted with intelligent thinking, long discussions, and team collaboration.

– Tone of voice

A clear tone of voice is what stands out in hotel websites. Since the target audience is clearly defined, it is important to speak to them with wit and intelligence. For example, “Slip between the sheets and enjoy the sun filtering through the beautiful windows.” We can help you come up with plenty of these lines.

– Photography

Keep in mind that brilliant photos make a huge difference. 93 percent of human communication is visual. Therefore, it’s best to do your storytelling through photographs.

– Consistency and Clarity

To make your brand stand out, it is necessary to make it clear to the audience what exactly is on offer for them. You’ve also got to make it easy for them to remember. Consistent across all digital mediums is also important, whether it’s on electronic communication devices, email signatures, or newsletters.

– Videos

Consumers love audio-visual content. This is why videos are greatly popular now. They love it when it is integrated into the design and there are no popup windows. Consumers love drone footages as it shows the mesmerizing ‘birds-eye’ viewpoints. Including storytelling in the videos can make the experience more engaging.

– Fluidity

Another point to take care of is fluidity. Fluidity means the flow of how the page reveals, the navigation, and the sliding in of text. All of these things contribute to the overall site experience and affect how engaging it is.

Wrapping up

Taking care of these factors can help you build a great website for your consumers and draw more traffic to your site. So get started today! If you need any help or perhaps a consultation, we’re here to lend a hand!

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