How to Create an Effective Website for Your Hotel

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How to Create an Effective Website for Your Hotel

For businesses to survive in today’s market, they have to make sure they know everything they need to know about proper digital marketing. The center point of your digital marketing campaign revolves around your website. Therefore, that’s where you should be focusing your efforts on. In this article, you’ll learn about how a hotel business can benefit from having a well-developed website and what you can do to improve your site to ensure a high ROI.

How to Create an Effective Website for Your Hotel
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Make the Call-to-Actions Easy to See and Use

You want to make sure that your guests have the best experience with your hotel brand even before they pay you. For this reason, you want to make sure that your website design is streamlined and the call-to-action buttons are easy to see and to use.

Use Chatbots

Chatbots have been the most helpful thing a business can have, as it can help to minimize the time it takes for your employees to tend to a customer’s inquiry. With a chatbot, any message from the live chat service can be responded to quickly and efficiently. Instead of having to waste a ton of time answering repetitive questions like “What type of services you offer?” or “What are the room packages?” A chatbot system can answer these simple questions for you so that you don’t have to worry about being online 24/7. An automated chatbot can help to improve both the user experience and employee productivity.

Mobile-Optimize Your Site

Nowadays, mobile web design is one of the most critical aspects of a company website. You want to make sure that your site has something that helps to improve the experience of mobile visitors. For example, a call now button can help to reduce the time that a guest would need to copy your phone number and paste it on the call tab. If you make it easier for your guests to use your site, they will be more likely to want to commit to your hotel. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do this is by incorporating responsive design into your site. This makes it so that when you implement a change in your site, it will automatically be adapted to other platforms.

Include Lots of Visual Media

You have to show everything that your guests might want to see on your site. Whether it’s a wedding, a social gathering, or a convention, you want to make sure that the visitors know exactly what they can expect from your hotel. Also, the amenities are something that you shouldn’t forget. Make sure you show everything from the jacuzzi pool to the breakfast buffets. This way, your guests will have an easier time trying to figure out whether your hotel is the right fit for what they’re looking for.

Adding a Google Map Widget to Your Site

Hotel guests aren’t typically locals in the area. You want to make sure that your guests can find your hotel easily. That’s why you should include a Google Maps link or widget to your first page along with all the necessary photos of the landmarks. Minimizing the confusion and making it as simple as possible for the guests to get to your hotel will make a huge difference in their first impression.

Have a Dedicated Hot Deals Page

Most hotels have seasonal discounts and package deals that draw in tourists to their local attractions. If you’re planning on arranging a discount or launching any deals of this nature, you want to make sure you have a dedicated page for it. This way, it will be easier for your email marketing campaign to have higher conversions, as you will have a dedicated landing page that tells the guests exactly what they need.

Make a Case for Direct Booking

Having your guests book through a third party site like TripAdvisor is good, but having them booking directly with your site is a lot better. It ensures that people are interacting with your site, and that drives up more brand awareness and drive up your rankings on search engines as well. You may want to give something extra to the guests who make a direct booking, as that will provide the guests with the incentives to do so.

Use Testimonials and Reviews

Including testimonials and positive reviews in your site can help to tell the guests about what to expect from the hotel. It’s a quick and easy way to make people want to choose your brand over that of your competitors.

Include a Blog

Blogging is useful for many reasons, the first being it helps your guests to have a better understanding of the hotel business as a whole. It can also help to make them know more about the local area, making their experience at your hotel a lot more pleasurable. What’s more is that producing relevant and useful information can establish your brand as an authoritative figure in the market. And finally, blogging will massively improve your SEO rankings, as it’s a place where you can store all of your contents, keywords, and backlinks. When the algorithm crawls on to your page, it will have more information to work with, and that will give it more of a reason to rank your site.

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