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How Mobile Friendly Websites Guest Experience Work Together

The mobile platform today is more popular than it has ever been, and it is getting more so. In the hotel industry, it is essential to create the ideal website that isn't only user-friendly, but mobile-friendly as well. However, you may be wondering about how does your hotel's website, and guest experience, relate to each other? In fact, they relate in many ways.

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Research done on Google has shown that it is vital to have a mobile-friendly website to accompany a guest’s overall experience. This becomes even more important during their phases of research and booking journey. So, how do you optimize your website to cater to those phases? Read on more to find out.

Optimizing Your Website
With the following steps below, you can optimize your website to satisfy the phases of your customer’s booking journey:

The Research Phase:
1 – Use High-Quality Images
Visitors rely on photos before making a decision, as they look for visual proof. They look for happy guests on your property, including pictures of all your details. Even if your guests are on a mobile device, they will most likely scroll through your gallery.

2 – Describe Your Property, Facilities, and More
In their research, guests will also look for descriptions and details about your property. You’ll need to keep your description with information as short as possible.

3 – Prioritize Website Navigation
The easier it is to navigate through your website, the more you can retain their attention and get them interested. Scrolling is notably easier on touchscreen mobile devices than on desktops. If you have multiple landing pages, consider turning it into one long home page. It is vital that your website is responsive and will properly adapt to different mobile platforms.

4 – Offer Social Proof
Adding any awards you’ve received from social networking sites adds credibility to your brand. It will also make your guests feel proud to choose you. Consider implementing testimonials to offer a new perspective for those considering booking at your hotel.

The Booking Phase:
1 – Follow PCI Compliances
If you allow the use of credit card transactions, you’ll know all about PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance. All businesses that accept credit card transactions must follow the PCI Compliance. To increase the confidence of your guests in booking your place, promote the fact that you are maintaining PCI Compliance standards. If they know that you can maintain a security standard, they will trust their information with you.

2 – Implement Online Booking
Once your guests finally decide to book at your place, they may want to do so online for convenience. With an online mobile booking engine, you can accept online bookings on mobile devices and desktops.

It isn’t difficult to create an excellent mobile user experience for your website. If you haven’t done so for your website, don’t wait any longer. If you are unsure of how to do this, you should hire a professional to help you do so, as the return on investment will cover your costs in no time at all!

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