How Hotels Should Be Marketing On Instagram

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How Hotels Should Be Marketing On Instagram

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Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms out there. Since it is a visual platform, it’s one of the best marketing tools that you could use to get your hotel out there. With some time and effort, you can encourage engagement and build a decent following on your business page. However, getting people to visit your website and drumming up some business may be a little bit more challenging.

How Hotels Should Be Marketing On Instagram

Although you can’t expect Instagram to turn you into the Marriot in a couple days, the platform can certainly be used to cultivate a good brand awareness and help you grow your business in time.

Here are a couple of ways that you should be marketing on Instagram:

By using hashtags

People often look for things using hashtags and you’ll find that you can access people who would have never otherwise run across your hotel with their help. That being said, don’t dump every hashtag you can think of on your posts. Be strategic and include the ones that will catch the eye of the right audience.

By keeping an eye on everything related to your business

It isn’t just the things you post that affect your Instagram presence. Keep an eye on the hashtags and places that may affect you as well. If a guest has uploaded a photo of your establishment, you can engage and thank them for their stay. If someone has left something that may harm your brand, you can also report them and stand a chance at getting it removed.

By showcasing your locale, not just your hotel

When people look for a place to stay on vacation, they aren’t just looking for a bed to sleep in at night. Many of them want to know about the surrounding area. Include tourist destinations, restaurants, and other interesting places that are nearby. Your hotel doesn’t have to be the only thing drawing people in – they may be attracted by the things around you. If you tell them why they should visit, they might just book a reservation.

By telling a story

Consumers are no longer attracted by mere advertisements. They want stories and things that go a little deeper. Share what is happening within your hotel. If you are renovating a wing, share some behind-the-scenes to drum up anticipation. If you are hosting an event, let people know what’s going on and encourage them to come by for a visit.

By monitoring the competition

In business, there is always competition. Make sure that you’ve got your competitive edge by keeping an eye on what the others are doing. You can see the strategies that they are using to build a following and encourage engagement. You can see what works for them and what isn’t. If they are your competition, chances are they are targeting a similar audience and you can use them as a case study when you form your long-term Instagram marketing strategy.

By encouraging engagement

Ask your audience questions, answer their queries, and encourage them to engage. One of the best things you can do is host a contest. By giving away something of value – perhaps a voucher or even a free stay, you can grow your following and even catch the eye of prospective guests. Whether it’s a photo challenge or simply to follow your page and share the contest, encourage people to take part and tantalize them with a reward they can’t resist.

In conclusion

Instagram isn’t a difficult platform to use. That being said, it takes some strategy and skill to get the results that you are looking for. If you are looking for a visual-based platform to generate interest, grow your business, and even drive revenue, consider making Instagram a part of your digital marketing strategy!

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