How Hotels Should Advertise on Facebook

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How Hotels Should Advertise on Facebook

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Facebook is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool. The hotel industry, along with many other industries, have rushed to start reaching their target market on this social media platform. It’s a great way to keep track of trends and figure out other ways to boost conversion.

How Hotels Should Advertise on Facebook

How, exactly, should hotels advertise on Facebook? Here’s all you need to know:


It was found that almost 6 out of 10 ads were general branding ads, while near 4 out of 10 were destination specific. A small amount emphasized experiences instead.

Despite this data, it generally isn’t recommended to try to expose everyone to your branding. The smarter course of action is usually to customize your content and your ads, then direct it to only a small, specific group of people on the platform. This ordinarily results in a higher ROI.

This by itself indicates that the hotel industry has much to learn about digital marketing in order to really make the best of Facebook adverts.


Strangely enough, only a few companies produced highly engaging content for their audience. Statistics show that around 7 out of 10 ads were photos, 2 out of 10 were videos, and the rest were carousel images.

Research further indicated that for the most part, the photos used were stock photos. Images are a lot cheaper and faster to upload to social media sites, yes. However, they are also significantly less effective compared to videos. On Facebook specifically, users are increasingly watching videos.

Make use of this consumer trend by producing videos for your business. Oftentimes, it is well worth going the extra mile.


The main goal of Facebook ads by the hotel industry seemed to be brand awareness. The secondary goal for many was to make sales. The less popular objective was to create content.

A lot of hotels also looked to promote discounts and deals in their ads in order to drive sales.


It has been observed that for the most part, hotels emphasize the destination, the travel experience, and great deals. Airlines, on the other hand, tended to emphasize their brand. Airlines also tend to create a lot more video content compared to hotels.

In the hotel industry, there is usually a longer sales funnel as it is a more significant purchase compared to a t-shirt. You have to convince a vacationer that your hotel is worth the money. This is why it is so crucial to build up and emphasize the experience that your hotel can offer.

Hotels frequently neglect to build a clear sales funnel, instead having ads direct to a good deal that doesn’t go any further, or a booking page that takes you too far. Sometimes all it does is take a visitor to the website home page, not inciting any further action.

Facebook advertising has great potential. There are so many types of content that can be shared to fulfil so many purposes. Furthermore, the platform makes it possible to target a specific group of people so that your ads are relevant to them.

Remember these things as you build the next Facebook ad campaign for your hotel. If you aren’t advertising on Facebook yet, it’s about time you get on it!

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