How Hoteliers Can Cope With the Coronavirus Outbreak

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How Hoteliers Can Cope With the Coronavirus Outbreak

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The outbreak of the coronavirus has resulted in a global pandemic, leading to businesses across most industries to come at a standstill. It has delivered an unforeseen economic shock, and one of the sectors that have taken the biggest hit is the hotel industry. It left hotels across the world crippled, as people are advised to avoid traveling, stay in their homes, and practice social distancing in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. As a hotelier, you may be concerned as to how this pandemic can further impact your business. We're here to help you cope. Here are some tips on how you can approach the situation at hand:

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1. Keep yourself updated

While it may be stressful to keep up with the news, it’s necessary to know the latest developments about what’s happening around the world in relation to the outbreak. However, remember that you should only consume data from reputable sources like the World Health Organization (WHO), CNN, and BBC. WHO offers a wealth of information and medical advice as to how you can fight the virus. Keep tabs on these websites and be in the know of the latest updates.

2. Provide assistance to your staff

It is a hard period for everyone, including your staff. It is the time where you should practice flexibility and be more accommodating of their needs. If any members in your team exhibit mild COVID-19 symptoms, allow them to self-isolate for at least seven days for the safety of your staff and remaining guests.

Depending on your HR policies, it’s up to you whether or not they can work from home, if they will be compensated for sick pay, or if you’re offering them additional holiday days. There’s no hard and fast rule about this, but the least you can do is follow what’s mandated by the government. If at all possible, you should also distribute PPE and disinfectants so that they can protect themselves from contracting the virus.

3. Assure your guests that you’re supporting them

At this point, your email inbox must be bombarded with messages from different businesses and organizations stating how they’re supporting you through this crisis. You have to follow suit and inform your guests that you still have their best interests at heart. Avoid perpetuating panic and stick to the facts. Offer them reassurance that there are disinfectants available at their disposal, that you’re implementing robust cleaning measures, and that your staff is also practicing safety. It would also be best if you advise them against visiting the hotel if they are exhibiting symptoms to avoid harming other guests and the staff.

Wrapping up

There’s no perfect way to cope with this pandemic, and the best you can do is stay informed and provide your team and your guests with what they need in the best way you can. Remember that how you approach this issue will ultimately reflect on your brand.

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