Hospitality Trends in 2023: What's New?

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Hospitality Trends in 2023: What’s New?

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2023 offers many new emerging trends that the hotel industry should adapt to and be aware of. Whether it be with new technologies, enhancing local experiences, bleisure, etc. These are all trends you should be aware of if you work or own a business in the hospitality industry.

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The covid-19 pandemic has impacted the hospitality industry worldwide. The way people travel, work, and live on a day to day basis has also changed alongside covid. This results in new lifestyles and trends that we have to adapt especially for hotels if we want to keep up to date with the new norm. 

There are many trends that are coming in the year 2023, whether it be emerging technologies, local experiences, wellness etc. We have picked all the trends we think are the most relevant and important for your hotel so that you can be up to date and stand out in the year 2023. 

Cloud PMS (Property Management System)

There are two main types of property management system softwares. First, the local PMS and the other, the cloud based PMS software. With covid-19, the cloud based PMS has become more useful in the hotel industry. The cloud based system allows access online and all you need is your login details and an internet connection. It’s simple, flexible and easier to use when compared to local property management softwares. This is why cloud PMS are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the times of covid when staff are reduced and everything has moved online. 

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Rate Manager 

A rate manager is a process and tool used by the hotel industry to control room rates by adjusting room prices based on external factors like season, week, day, etc. A good rate manager should refresh data daily and give you access to the most up to date information. It should give you an overall view of room rates and market demand on different platforms. A good rate manager will also send you alerts when the market stock is low so that you can make changes to increase your booking opportunity. All these are extremely useful, especially with the increase in travel in 2023. A rate manager is a must have if you are using different OTA platforms. 

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Local Experience 

With covid-19, many tourists now want to travel local and explore traditional cultures as a reset from the digital online world prior to the pandemic. Tourists now value authentic local experiences more than ever, with locally made food, drinks and activities. It is a good time for hotels to step back and support local communities in their own area. Hotels can partner with boutique stores, restaurants, etc and bring this into their own community instead. This is one of the greatest trends of 2023 and hotels should be aware of this in order to advance in their business. 


Bleisure is a form of traveling used to describe traveling combining business and leisure. It generally consists of business travelers who want to extend their trips to relax at the hotel or enjoy certain activities like sightseeing, hiking, exploring nature, etc. Since modern traveling consists of a mixture of business and travel, hotels should be more aware of this upcoming trend and adjust according to the needs of this group of customers. For example, certain rooms could be modified into meeting areas or a workspace provided for work. Certain hotel rooms may include beddings and a dedicated area also provided for work. 


Wellness tourism is one of the most important trends of 2023. Wellness tourism is travel that enhances a person’s personal wellbeing. Tourists are able to improve their wellbeing during the trip and wellness travelers choose their hotel destinations based on the wellness offerings of the place. It is important that hotels are becoming aware of this trend, as covid has striked and affected many hotel businesses worldwide. It is important for hotels to keep their facilities sanitized and well taken care of. 


Sustainability in hotels is a hotel business that minimizes environmental impact, whether it be through reducing their carbon footprint, reducing energy consumption, reducing waste, etc. Ever since the pandemic of covid-19, sustainability has been one of the most concerning aspects of traveling for customers. Travelers are much more likely now to seek accommodation that cares about the environment. As a hotel, you can work on this by doing the simplest things like minimizing the use of electricity and water, minimizing the use of plastic, recycling water bottles, etc.

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