Designing an Effective Website For Your Hotel

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Designing an Effective Website For Your Hotel

If you want to increase conversions and inspire more direct bookings, it is crucial that you have a great booking website with easy navigation that makes the purchasing process as easy as possible. Hiring someone who can help enhance the design of your website can be the best purchase you might have ever made. Whether you already have a deal with an online booking platform or you just want to bring more engagement to your website, the design of your site is very fundamental in keeping customers happy. Here are our hotel booking tips for proper web design:

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Include a call to actions

If you have a booking widget or a reserve button on your page, these will be your gateway to converting website visitors. You want your website to function properly and give your visitors the incentive to click or engage with your website. Your booking button should be easy to find that the potential customer can see it no matter how far down the page they are.

Take great pictures

Good images sell when it comes to a hotel website. Guests want to know what they will be staying in and how the rooms look like. This is why it’s crucial that you take professional pictures and really put effort into placing them correctly on your page. You want your images to really sell your hotel, so make sure you get them taken by a professional photographer with a great camera and expert photoshop skills in order to enhance your images so that they are web-ready.

Don’t overload your page

Simplicity is a great principle when it comes to designing a web page. You want to make sure that all objects on a page are there for a reason and that everything has a function. Don’t worry about having too much white space, as that can be an excellent way to make your website look clean, simple, and organized. A cluttered page can look messy and a little overwhelming for your visitors too. Every little detail is important, and having too much clutter, all your page will slow load times as well, which will affect the customer’s attention span.

Make booking easy for customers

Not only will you make it easy for a customer to book by putting the button in plain sight, but if you make the buying process easy with a short form for information input, they also make the secure payment a simple process, you will earn the customer’s trust and support. Make your website easy to navigate and make the buying process as quick and as straightforward as possible to encourage your customers to return.

Limit your packages

You might think offering a bunch of packages will be attractive to a customer, but you want to make sure that you are not overwhelming your customers. When it comes to making a choice, give them a few good ones, but don’t overwhelm them with ten different packages and promotions.

If you’re looking for a web design agency that can help with your hotel’s website, we’re here to help – get in touch today for a free consultation.

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