A Hotelier's Guide to Standing out with Visual Content

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A Hotelier’s Guide to Standing out with Visual Content

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With traveling becoming much more accessible and financially-feasible than ever, hotels now find themselves scrambling to capitalize on the abundance of travelers to increase their booking rates and profit levels. However, having other competitors attune themselves to the opportunities at hand can spell greater levels of difficulty.

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The hotelier’s hurdle: stand out or sit it out
As the hospitality industry continues to grow even more competitive and saturated, hotel owners and managers alike continue to face the increasingly difficult challenge of standing out and attracting as many guests as possible.

While every hotel owner and manager will want to focus on the common goal of standing out in the best way possible, the problem lies in the fact that there are many ways to achieve it. Thanks to the wide array of different methods and tools that can be used to attract attention and merit sales, top-level decision-makers and department heads continue to struggle with settling on one approach because each option has its own set of pros and cons.

Out of all the different approaches and tools that your hotel could possibly use, effective visual content can prove to be the most advantageous option yet.

Why visual content works
The main reason effective visual content works lies in the fact that it easily communicates with even the largest of audiences as opposed to anything else.

Instead of having to bore your audience with a 10 page-long write-up about why they should choose your hotel, stunning photos and fun videos will get the job done in a fraction of the time needed with at least thrice the effectivity. When compared with any other type of standard hospitality marketing tactic (such as coupons or cold calls), visual content performs much better in attracting guests because it taps into the biggest market base: the internet.

What the data says about visual content
When it comes to pinpointing an example of a hotel or accommodation service that has benefited greatly from the use of visual content, none are more successful than Trivago’s story.

According to Trivago’s internal data, hotel profiles or listings that made it a point to feature stellar pieces of visual content (such as high-quality main images and vides) attracted up to 96 percent of all clicks on any search results. On the other hand, standard profiles that feature high-quality photos in their gallery reported receiving 63 percent more clicks on their link than profiles that featured low-quality photos.

The secret of visual content for hospitality marketing
One of the biggest components that contribute to the power of visual content can be seen in its ability to ability to emotionally appeal to any traveler. Instead of having to clamor their way through pages upon pages of reviews, a traveler can just use the set of photos and videos that you’ve provided to form an expectation of how it will be like to stay at your establishment.

It is worth noting, however, that visual content will only work effectively if the right details are taken into consideration, and every best practice is applied. To ensure that your visual content can attract attention, help your hotel listing stand out, and draw more bookings, here are a few tips worth considering:

  • Clean your subject before taking a photo of it to reduce any distractions that a viewer may come across when looking at your visual content.
  • Take your photos in proper lighting—whether it is of a room, lobby, or pool—to ensure that your hotel’s strongest points are displayed well in.
  • Edit your images as best as possible with the use of color corrections, curves, and cropping to set the pace as to how a traveler should see your photos.
  • Invest in high-quality video solutions to ensure that every video that features your hotel and its amenities will be in the most attractive way possible.

Final words
Visual content provides any hotel with the materials and tools that it needs to stand out from the rest of its competition. With the use of a few planned and finely-created photos and videos, your hotel’s performance can flourish by using high-quality visual content! Looking for a digital marketing agency in Bangkok to help you improve your marketing campaigns? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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