5 Ways to Improve Your Hotel Website

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5 Ways to Improve Your Hotel Website

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Hotel owners will know that the competition within the hospitality industry is fierce, which means that businesses always need to stay on top of their game to stay afloat amidst the saturated market. In addition to building an appealing, informative, and relevant website, one of the first steps to enhancing your hotel’s digital strategy is to create a quality guest persona.

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After all, guests are the heart that keeps your business alive. Getting to know precisely who you want to reach will help improve other aspects of your hotel’s marketing – from honing in on the right audience down to creating relevant information for generating more conversions.

What is a Guest Persona?

A guest persona goes beyond analyzing the overview of a hotel’s demographic. It’s a strategy that captures key details about your audience, going beyond the typical information and taking notes on their hobbies, spending habits, values, challenges, struggles, fears, dreams, and interests.

Having in-depth knowledge of your guests allows your business to establish a website with content that resonates with their interests and personality. For instance, you can utilize your hotel’s on-site golf course as a selling point to guests who are fans of the sport.

What are the Different Ways to Build a Guest Persona?

Tip #1: Make the Most of Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials – be it from your website or other sources, are a gold mine of qualitative information from your guests. It reveals a deeper insight into the needs of guests, which allows you to diversify your persona and garnish the hard data you collect.

By honing in on a guest’s pain points, your hotel can patch up areas in the business that needs improving to enhance your digital strategy.

Tip #2: Collect Data

Collecting guest data is crucial to building an effective website and marketing strategy. With that in mind, you can use Google Analytics to have an overview of your website’s visitors and see the actions guests take once they’re on your page.

Using your booking engine data can also help create packages that are tailor-made to what the guests need and prefer. Meanwhile, other backends like your social media can add valuable insight into your hotel’s interaction with interested guests.

Tip #3: Create a Rich Outline

Analyzing guest data and building a persona from the ground up can be tricky, but the accompanying tips above should help you use your analytics to create a basic outline of your guest persona.

This includes combining all the information you can get to create a clear picture of your guests – from the basics such as their age, sex, and location, to complex data like their hobbies, interests, and more.

Wrapping Up: How Does a Guest Persona Help Enhance Your Hotel’s Website?

Knowing exactly who your guests are will help your hotel establish a voice that resonates with your target audience. This means that your marketing strategy, including your website and other social channels, will follow a branding that taps into the interest of guests – be it for travelers looking for a taste of luxury or casual backpackers in need of comfortable accommodation. We provide digital marketing services for hotels, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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