Ways to Attract More Guests to Your Hotel's Website

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Ways to Attract More Guests to Your Hotel’s Website

All hotel owners know that having an online presence is important for getting bookings. It is most definitely the best way to promote your property and get guests to notice you in today’s business environment. Using hotel booking sites to advertise your hotel is the best way to get as many bookings as possible. Here are some more ways to maximize your occupancy during any season:

Ways to Attract More Guests to Your Hotel's Website
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“Book Now!” Buttons

Most guests will probably be looking at your hotel through third-party booking websites and applications. However, if they can book directly through your website too, there is no reason for you not to put buttons to book instantly on all your pages. Instant booking is attractive to customers since it’s easy and the button is right there! Make it easy for travelers to book a reservation quickly.

Availability and Rates Information

Booking engines are the new norm now since it’s cheaper for hotel owners and easier for guests. You will want to make sure that all rates and other information are updated across all of the booking engines that your hotel is with.

Optimizing for Mobile Devices

Most travelers are searching for accommodation through their mobile phones. That’s why you get more customers from your booking engines, who already have applications for mobile devices. But this also means that your website should be accessible through all devices. It should also be optimized with quick load times. Give the user the best online experience, no matter what device they are using to access your site.

Safe Payment Transactions

Consumers are more concerned about online payments and will not book with engines that don’t have secure payment forms. Partnering with a secure payment provider will help you bring in more customers that will trust your booking technology.

Your Website

Your website is going to be the face of your company – your storefront. This means that you need to pay extra attention to make the user experience go as smoothly as possible. You want your website to be well-designed to show your standards and your style. Add photos and videos of your hotel for potential guests to see what you have to offer.

Your site should leave an impression on anyone that is interested in your services. Investing in a professional photographer or videographer so that you can have beautiful and professionally-created media on your website might be a good idea. You may also want to hire someone who can help you design your site professionally. A great hotel website will be made with great design and will have easy navigation.

Make Booking Easy

Take your customers through the booking process. Most websites will not explain how to book on your website simply because it should be intuitive. However, you can be the difference. Remember – not all of your visitors are going to be tech-savvy. Make it easy for all demographics of customers of all tech levels to book a room in your hotel. Take them through the process with a short instruction section that will briefly explain how they can book on your website. This will give them the confidence to book if they know it can be done easily.

Monitoring Statistics

Now with online advertising, you can check your customer statistics. Find out who is looking, who is clicking, and which advertisements generate more traffic and bookings. This information can help you to better your business. Monitor and analyze these statistics so that you know which posts get more views in order to generate more of these kinds of posts.

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