Tips to Help Your Hotel Website Stand Out

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Tips to Help Your Hotel Website Stand Out

It’s essential for a hotel in 2019 to have a modern website that converts visitors into customers. From responsive website design to a clean user interface, many factors result in acquiring customers or losing them due to a bad experience.

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In this article, we will go over how you can make your hotel’s website stand out from the rest.
Don’t just offer a space to sleep.
There is tremendous potential over your hotel’s event and conference spaces. Make these spaces the focus of the website instead of hotel room rentals alone. This is a brilliant move that will make your hotel the preferred option for various events. This gives you a competitive edge over other hotels in the area that are focusing on selling room rentals. Instead, you’ll be targeting business planners looking to host an event. This allows your hotel to reap ancillary revenues. In the process, you can sell rooms, too.

Business planners will be able to see how many people your space can accommodate if you put a floor plan on the website. You can also show pictures of how your area can be transformed into an event venue. You can include a virtual tour using photos, videos, and 3D diagramming to give planners the information they need upfront.

Showcase your on-site restaurants.
The restaurants will allow you to expand your target from the hotel guests to the local residents in the area. Like the event spaces, this part will also help your hotel earn ancillary revenue. You can dedicate a standalone page to your hotel’s best restaurant. Fill it up with a gallery of photos and videos of people dining, of someone proposing, of the chef cooking, and more. You can also give website visitors a 360-degree tour inside the restaurant that will entice them to book a table and dine in!

Incorporate a new email subscription.
Provide website visitors with an option to subscribe to your email newsletter or updates. This step will increase your engagement and lead generation. It also encourages visitors to book in your hotel again as they get updated about the local events and property promos.

Create an app for event planners.
As you increase the focus on your event spaces, creating an app for event planners is a good idea. Encourage visiting planners to download your hotel app so they can navigate what your hotel has to offer. The app will allow them to customize and personalize the service that they want to have on the event they are organizing.

Other than creating an app, you must also create useful and downloadable templates for event planners. This offers a massive benefit to potential customers and gives your hotel an opportunity to generate leads. An info sheet template, an event cost calculating sheet, and a checklist that details everything that your hotel offers are some of the things you can provide.
The competition online is getting tougher each day, which is why it is important to create a competitive advantage for your hotel business. These are just some of the digital marketing strategies that you can use to make your website stand out and help you earn more.

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