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Hotel Branding: Why Is It Important? Posted on | Posted in Blog, Hotel Trends & Advice, MarketingLeave a comment

Hotel branding is important if you want to be well known in the hospitality industry. This is because branding differentiates your product and makes you stand out from the rest. ... Read More

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Social Media Marketing for Your Hotel Business – What to Know Posted on | Posted in MarketingLeave a comment

For the first few years, users maximized social media platforms as virtual message boards and game hubs. Facebook served as a place for uploading overwhelming amounts of photographs every day, while Twitter was a place to let everyone know what you had for dinner. Over time, social media developed, gradually becoming an intrinsic part of marketing strategies. Due to these social media platforms’ popularity and their promise of instant connection, networks grew into huge user bases. TikTok, for instance, has over 500 million users daily worldwide. Businesses and advertisers alike turned to the newfound power of social media, as reaching colossal amounts of audiences no longer required them to shell out hefty TV advertising budgets. If you’re a hotel business owner trying to reach more audiences, tapping into social media platforms may just be the key to your success. ... Read More

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How to Have A Successful Rebranding of Your Hotel Posted on | Posted in MarketingLeave a comment

Most businesses go through a rebranding stage at some point. Whether it's because of new management, an outdated image, international expansion, or tarnished reputation, companies, including hotels, undergo rebranding to improve their identity and build a brand that people will remember. ... Read More