How to Use Your Hotel’s Website Content to Attract Direct Bookings - Our Guide

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How to Use Your Hotel’s Website Content to Attract Direct Bookings – Our Guide

For those looking for a place to stay—whether for business or pleasure—your hotel’s website plays a key role in their booking decision. With thousands of marketing information online, how can a traveler land on your page? Having a striking website should be at the core of your business’ marketing strategy. The amount of traffic to your website is directly proportional to the potential direct bookings you receive.

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There are many ways to increase your site’s visitors such as offering the best deals through your website, conducting promotions, or engaging in social media. Among these strategies, do your best to not neglect the power of having interesting content.

What content does for your hotel’s website
Content refers to what’s in your website’s pages—your home menu, rooms, packages, and other information posted on your multiple landing pages. It also refers to additional texts that are both engaging and entertaining, which are often found under your “blog” category.

Useful content is vital for your website’s success. Your potential guests are like sponges because they want to absorb relevant resources, information, trivia, reviews, and other exciting stories. Having valuable content also boosts your ranking in search engines.

Here are some tips on how you can make the most of your website’s content to increase traffic and attract direct bookings:

1. Determine your audience
Your website’s content should speak to your potential guests, which is why it is vital that you identify your audience. Which demographics do you want to reach? Does your hotel attract the young crowd? Are you catered towards professionals and business executives, or do you want to target couples with families?

Conduct marketing research to consolidate your past guests’ profiles along with inquiries. Online reviews and Google Analytics on your social media platforms also helps in determining your target market.

2. Write about what’s relevant
When thinking about what type of articles to write for your hotel’s website, it helps to take a look at what most businesses are writing about. The treasure trove of topics for your content is bountiful. You could write about tour guides, hotel activities, travel tips—the list is endless. You can even post galleries of visuals and videos.

If you have topics in mind, type the keywords on search engines, and see how they rank. Your keyword research will tell you what most travelers are looking for and how they want to digest such information. This will enable you to write targeted content for your website. For a headstart, try searching on Google Trends to get a feel of which topics are currently trending.

3. Post interesting and quality articles
Your website’s content should be relevant and engaging to attract both first-time guests and return clients. You want to grab their attention by creating eye-catching headlines. However, what gets them to stay and potentially hit that “book now” button is the information you provide. While it’s true that including content on your website is a marketing strategy, you should never compromise its quality. Remember that whatever is flashed on your pages ultimately reflects your hotel as a business.

Your website is the key to increasing direct bookings and boosting your sales. Your content section turns your site into a hub of useful information, which allows people to stay longer on your pages. It increases pleasant user experience, boosts your search engine ranking, and converts visitors into actual guests.

If you’re looking for hotel web design & marketing services, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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