How to Make Your Direct Booking Offers Stand Out

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How to Make Your Direct Booking Offers Stand Out

Although it is helpful to advertise your hotel through booking platforms, you should also have some sort of page on your website where customers can book and pay for their rooms as well. Getting direct bookings can be hard, but through them, you will get more money without having to pay booking fees on the platforms you post your rooms on. In order to get more direct bookings, you will want to enhance your promotional offers in order for it to stand out. Here are some ways you can start out:

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Understand your target audience

In order to offer a unique selling point, you should want to target the demographic of people who are visiting your website most. You will want to find that demographic, then market to them specifically. Put an emphasis on your selling points that you will be directed to that specific audience when making your campaign. You will want to do some thorough research on the most common demographic that visits your websites in order to know who you are trying to target in your promotional campaign for direct bookings.

Give your visiting travelers a good incentive to book directly

You want your visitors to see your direct booking ad and take it. That means that you need to give them a reason to click on it in the first place. This can be a promotion, a percentage off the price, free room service, or any other incentive that might interest them in booking with your website after finding you on a booking platform. Tell travelers that they can save when they book directly with you.

Take advantage of your hotel’s authenticity

If your hotel is close to a local attraction, you can use this to attract more guests to book through your website. You can even make promotions that are related to these attractions in order to get customers from those places to book with you.

Create relevant, intriguing content

When travelers look at your website, you want to keep them as informed as possible. If your website has a blog, you want to make sure that it not only gives information that your guests might need, but also provides topics that will attract more readers to your website. Not only will these blogs increase your ranking and give you the chance to use some keywords that you bought, but it will also keep your readers entertained while bringing in more organic traffic. You can use real pictures of your rooms in order to attract more guests. Write about industry-related topics that will keep your potential guests intrigued.

Give out unique promotions to beat competitors

Percentage-off deals and room bundles are a great way to promote your hotel, but it may not help you stand out from the crowd. One way you can make your hotel packages unique is by throwing in a tour or attraction itinerary. That way, when the person buys their stays, they will get to enjoy a tour or an activity along with it. Give them a unique experience, and they will trust that you are giving them the best in your area so that they can enjoy their stay.

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