How to Make the Most of Your Social Media to Promote Your Hotel

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How to Make the Most of Your Social Media to Promote Your Hotel

With the rise of social media, businesses from various industries are now enjoying the benefits that come with these social platforms.

Hotels are one of the many businesses that benefit from social media. Instead of spending the majority of their budget on marketing and promotional campaigns, hotels can now take advantage of social media to attract and reach guests from all over the globe.

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It is no secret that social media is playing a major role in most traveller’s trip planning and booking processes. Social media is now much more than just an online platform for sharing pictures. Today, more and more people are spending time on social media than in travel agencies or the tourist guide offices, and for good reason.

Unfortunately, many hotel owners are not aware that the systems they already have can actually be utilized to enhance their social media presence. This article will outline some easy ways to maximize the use of social media to promote your hotel.

1. Link to Your Hotel’s Social Media Pages Whenever Possible

To keep in touch with your guests, make sure that you link to your hotel’s social media pages as much as you can, including your Facebook and Instagram accounts. This will help you stay connected with them on a personal level.

2. Initiate Direct Facebook Bookings

Facebook is arguably the largest social media platform with the biggest audience. This is exactly why you need to activate direct Facebook bookings, where you can take direct, swift, and free of commission bookings without having to waste your time redirecting your guests to another website.

3. Update on Social Media About Hotel Deals and Events

It is imperative that your social media accounts remain relevant and up-to-date with the most recent activity from your hotel. Make the most out of your social media channels by using them to broadcast your offers, events, and promotions.

Just by linking to your social media pages through your internet booking engine, your hotel will gain more visibility. As a result, your existing customers will be able to see your latest news while you also attract new guests as they share your posts on their news feeds.

4. Try Out Different Budgets for Sponsored Posts and Adverts

After you have successfully integrated your social media with your internet booking engine, you can now put in your effort to push your messages. Even though you do not have the enormous advertising campaign budgets that your competitors have, it does not mean that you cannot be more visible and accessible. Simply set a small weekly budget for sponsoring posts or launching adverts. Track how everything performs, then plan and allocate your budget accordingly.

Also, don’t forget to modify the targeting to make it broader or more specific based on the performance of your adverts. With social media advertising, you are in total control, which means that you are allowed to pause and stop campaigns at any time. Additionally, you can set maximum budgets to make sure that you do not end up spending more than you intended to.

If you are ready to take your hotel business to the next level, get in touch with Web Connection. We are a hotel digital marketing agency that offers travel tech and services. From marketing to pricing to distribution, we have a solution that will help your hotel business grow and become more profitable in this digital age.

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