How to Make the Most of Your Hotel_s Channel Manager

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How to Make the Most of Your Hotel’s Channel Manager

Channel managers can help hotels optimize their management strategies in several ways. In addition to saving time, reducing costs, as well as effectively managing bookings, they can also help increase online and direct bookings, boost revenue, minimize overbookings, enhance brand awareness, eliminate manual processes, integrate other hotel systems, and the list goes on. To ensure that you are taking full advantage of your channel manager, here are some tips and tactics for you to follow:

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1. Set the Proper Rates With a Pricing Tool

The rates that you set on your channel manager have to be close to your competitors’ rates. If your rates are too low, your revenue will most likely drop. On the other hand, overpricing can cause you to lose many customers. With a pricing intelligence tool, you can monitor your competitors’ rates and keep your own rates on par with them.

2. Ensure Your Channel Manager Supports Direct Bookings

Make sure that your channel manager supports direct bookings. Although your hotel rooms may be listed on several online travel websites, travelers will still be directed to your website. Therefore, it is imperative that you integrate your channel manager with a good booking engine.

3. Optimize Your Hotel Website For Booking

Ensure that your potential guests can easily complete direct bookings on your website. For this, you need to have a well-functioning, optimized, and sleek website that is easy to navigate and is pleasant to the eye. Use a website builder that fits perfectly with your booking engine.

4. Add a GDS For Better Visibility

To increase visibility for your hotel, add a global distribution system (GDS) to expose your hotel to a bigger audience. By providing travel agents with access to your information, you will also gain many new bookings as well.

5. Connect to Multiple Channels For Wider Reach

Make sure that you are connected to as many channels as possible. Remember, the more channels you connect to, the higher the exposure of your hotel. This will help you gain more bookings, resulting in higher revenue and profitability.

6. Use a PMS to Ensure Smooth Operation

To ensure that your hotel management continues to run smoothly, it is imperative that you integrate your channel manager with a property management system (PMS) that comes with two-way communication. All updates have to be automatic across all processes and occur almost immediately.

7. Take Time to Focus on Your Guests

With a channel manager, you will most likely have more time to spare. It is recommended that you take this time to tend to your guests’ needs. Just by investing in better quality amenities or offering interesting promotions, it can significantly increase customer satisfaction. If your guests are happy with your hotel, they are more likely to give positive reviews and revisit your hotel again.

8. Mark Important Events in the System

A channel manager allows you to label important dates in the system. This way, everyone who has access to the system will know when to take certain actions. For example, you can mark the date that your hotel needs to be closed so that everyone knows not to take bookings on that day.

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