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How to Design Your Hotel Website For Conversions – Digital Marketing

If you are an owner of a hotel that has a decent website but doesn't seem to be making a direct profit, you might want to hire someone who can help you with bettering the design or format of your online identity.

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How your website looks visually is incredibly important, but how it functions is even more so. You want to find a good balance between functionality and aesthetics, meaning that you need to hire a professional who knows what they are doing. Here are some design ideas to get more direct profit from organic traffic to your website:

Plan with growth in mind

When you are getting your website made for you, you should invest and plan with growth in mind at all times. No matter where you are in terms of a solid online presence, make sure to monitor and budget everything that you are putting money into while keeping in mind your AdWords, ad campaigns, current marketing strategies, and the return on investment you are getting.

Keeping track and recording all financial statements as well as the inflow and outflow of money is also very crucial during this process. You want to make sure that you don’t run into any surprise charges. Have your company bookkeeper or accountant keep track of all your costs and spending for you. This will allow you to better budget for everything you will be doing for your company website. Even if you are just getting an enhancement or changing a few things, you will need to pay the professional that you hire to help you out either way.

Make it easy for your guests to book directly

You want to give your potential guests reasons to book directly, even if you do use booking platforms, you should use incentives to redirect them to your website in order for them to book directly. This will help you earn more money, seeing as you will be able to get the full price without having to waste advertisement fees with booking platforms. You want to make sure that your booking pages are easy for anyone of any age and tech level to navigate. Anyone should be able to use it without needing to sign up or create an account.

Keep your website format navigational

You want your website to have all its features where you’d expect it to be. All users should be able to navigate your pages without any problems. Just as it’s easy for guests to book through your partnered booking platforms, you might want to gain some inspiration to the ease of choosing and selecting accommodation. Make the buying process as simple as possible and the layout predictable.

This means that anyone at any technical level can use your pages and book a reservation. You will also want to make sure that all of these bookings can be made through a mobile device as well. Most last-minute bookings are made through a mobile device, so you should definitely already be optimized for smaller screens. If you don’t have a mobile application, you will want to make sure that your site can be reached with a mobile-friendly design and interface.

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