5 Important Software Solutions for Hotels

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5 Important Software Solutions for Hotels

Peak season is both a blessing and a burden for hotels. A blessing because the higher influx of visitors generates higher revenue, while a burden because getting everyone settled can be a nightmare. Hundreds of people queuing at the lobby while waiting to get checked in is not a sight to behold.

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Having a hotel management software system can address this concern. The streamlined processes cut the transaction time and improve your rating among previous guests while simplifying day-to-day operations. Automated tasks also reduce costs and improve staff productivity and efficiency.

These software systems upgrade the paperwork and help facilitate better communication with customers. Here are five software systems that your hotel must have in place to provide continuous quality service:

1. Property Management System

PMS oversees the booking and the administrative tasks in the hotel. Aside from automating the operations of every department, it also enables the hotel to increase bookings by reaching out to potential customers. This software takes care of processing electronic payments and updating room inventory for precise designations.

As PMS gives more visibility to your hotel, it can also prevent duplicate reservations or overbooking. This system can even facilitate the sending of confirmation messages to customers after a successful booking. Upgraded property management systems also give customers the option to reserve a room that they want and choose the activities that they would like to avail.

2. Revenue Management System

This system helps by using algorithms to determine room prices. The software is programmed to factor in competitor prices to entice customers to book rooms at optimal rates. In a highly dynamic industry, a revenue management system is vital in advertising strategic prices that will guarantee revenue. Likewise, the RMS can also be designed to reflect lower prices during low season and higher ones during peak times. This function is crucial for hotel managers who want to balance expenses to make the business sustainable.

3. Distribution channel manager

The DCM allows the hotel manager to update travel agencies or aggregate websites about their room availability and corresponding rates to avoid overbooking. This system can also generate reports on where the booking came from and distribute promotions across all online marketing channels. The booking sources report assists managers on which portals to retain, enhance, or abandon.

4. Reputation and review management

Customer feedback is free market research. Because of this, you can use this software to track reviews given to your hotel. Aside from enhancing the hotel’s image through positive reviews, this software also captures negative reviews that can be forwarded to concerned departments to take appropriate action. Knowing what your guests are saying is a more efficient way to address necessary improvements rather than commissioned surveys. After all, your hotel business is only as good as your reputation among previous visitors.

5. Online booking facility

An online booking facility is not an option anymore because this tool provides hassle-free booking among potential customers instead of the cumbersome reservations through phone calls. The hotel’s social media account can also be used for direct bookings. Giving visitors the freedom to book a room whenever they please will translate to positive ratings and increased profit. You can upgrade the online booking system by providing options for personalized booking and pre-orders from the hotel restaurant.

By utilizing all this software in your hotel, you push your business forward as you gain productivity, positive reviews from customers, and increased gains.

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