4 Online Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Hotel's Profitability

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4 Online Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Hotel’s Profitability

The internet has revolutionized the way we market in many ways. What we might have previously advertised on flyers, posters, and radio infomercials, we now take to social media and search engine sidebars.

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In the hospitality industry, online marketing a fantastic way to attract guests and entice them to make a booking. Plenty of strategies can be used to market a hotel. Unfortunately, hospitality marketing doesn’t always come easy. Every marketing firm will, of course, try to promote their services and prove to hotels that they can bring about real results. At the same time, many will fail to realize how critical each step is in their marketing pursuits. Establishing a marketing gameplan for online campaigns is crucial for lasting success.

Hoteliers are busy people who have to worry about providing guests with the highest standard of care. Unfortunately, this means that things can fall through the cracks—marketing, for instance. When a hotel’s marketing is neglected, consumers often go elsewhere and choose other establishments. This, in turn, affects profitability.

Digital marketing is crucial to the success of a modern hotel. Whether your establishment isn’t doing as well as you’d like it to or you’re looking to drive more profit, we have four strategies for you:

1. Place a Priority on SEO

Online hospitality marketing comes with its fair share of challenges—one being ensuring the website’s online visibility and presence. As every online marketer should know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way to go in this situation. SEO entails making crucial updates on your website’s content, code links, and even layout. The goal is to make sure that the hotel’s website ranks well on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) environment. After all, before a guest can make a reservation, they need to be able to find your site.

2. Stand Out With Local SEO

There’s no point in getting ranked on the first page of the SERPs of one region if your establishment is in another. After all, why bother showing up as a top contender for hotels in Bangkok when you’re a resort in Bali? When potential clients are looking to book in a hotel in the area, your establishment should stand out. One way to do so is by making use of Google’s “My Business” feature. This gives hotel managers a way to be prominent in searches. Setting up a Google My Business profile allows a company to provide information such as the location, contact information, short descriptions, links to other websites, and even the availability of rooms. All these details are essential, so prospective clients will first find your business and know how to proceed with making a booking.

3. Educate the Audience Through Content

In the digital realm, content is king. Not only is it used for communicating with your guests, but also for educating. Creating content and making sure it reaches your customers is the best way to keep them informed and up-to-date on what they need to know. Content marketing requires the creation of relevant content like blog posts, guides, or articles to increase visitors’ interest in the brand. Adding informative, keyword-rich content to a website is one thing; creating fresh, compelling content is another. The content should add value to a site in the sense that readers leave the page having learned something. When online visitors get what they’re looking for, they’re much more likely to end up booking a room in your hotel.

4. Use PPC to Outsmart Competitors

It’s important to note that online marketing can be quite a challenge for hotel businesses operating in highly populated cities. One effective way to make a difference is to use pay-per-click advertising—PPC. This is another way that can boost a hotel’s visibility in search results through paid advertisements. Your hotel should start by setting up ads around specific relevant keywords. You then bid a certain amount to have your ads appear at the top and along the sides of organic search results. You won’t have to pay anything unless your ads are clicked. A well-written PPC ad can attract more clicks, thereby helping your website earn much-needed interest from guests.

Online marketing strategies are crucial and should be well-thought of. Follow the critical steps for online marketing outlined above. All these marketing ideas and strategies will help your hotel business attract new guests, thrive in the industry, and make a bigger profit!

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